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Advocate Trivia Challenge

February 15, 2024
On Feb. 16, 1905, in Boston, the first U.S. Esperanto club was organized; what is Esperanto? What is a croque monsieur (literally “crunch sir”)?
February 8, 2024
What city in the early 1900’s had a “Black Wall Street”? How many NFL stadiums have artificial grass: 10, 15 or 30? On Feb.
February 5, 2024
On Feb. 9, 1895, what sport – originally called mintonette – was invented in Holyoke, Mass.? Charles Ponzi, the source of “Ponzi scheme,” emigrated
January 25, 2024
On Jan. 26, 1785, what Boston native wrote a letter decrying the bald eagle being named a symbol of America instead of the American
January 18, 2024
On Jan. 19, 1809, what author of the poem “The Raven” was born in Boston? What 1912 presidential candidate had the slogan “A Square
January 11, 2024
On Jan. 12, 1943, the Office of Price Administration announced the replacement of frankfurters/wieners with “Victory Sausages,” which were what? What river is mentioned
January 4, 2024
On Jan. 5, 1885, Boston swore in its first mayor of what ethnicity? In January 2023, what country at last eased COVID-19 travel restrictions
December 29, 2023
On Dec. 29, 1937, what European Free State became a country? “Have a nice day!” appeared below what 1970s yellow design? On Dec. 30,

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