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Advocate Trivia Challenge

September 30, 2022
On Sept. 30, 1961, Jackson County, Oregon, paid a London tea firm for its part of what debt? Following soon after the 1929 introduction
September 23, 2022
On Sept. 23, 1938, at the New York World’s Fair, a time capsule was buried with artifacts, including a newsreel of what kind of
September 16, 2022
On Sept. 16, 1620, the Mayflower departed what English city for the New World? The movie “West Side Story” was inspired by what Shakespeare
September 9, 2022
On Sept. 9, 1919, most of Boston’s policemen went on strike and were fired; what future U.S. president – running for governor – supported
September 2, 2022
On Sept. 2, 1912, the Boy Scouts of America awarded the first of what type of award? What Mexican food’s name means “Little Donkey”?
August 26, 2022
On Aug. 26, 1826, what market with the name of another community opened in Boston, Mass.? How are farmer, hoop and Humboldt Fog similar?
August 19, 2022
On Aug. 19, 1950, ABC first aired what kind of TV shows on Saturday mornings? What Canadian Island is known for piping plovers? What
August 5, 2022
On Aug. 5, 1924, what comic strip about a girl debuted? What pants are named for an island? Brown bears live with their mother
July 29, 2022
July 29 is National Lasagna Day; what comic strip cat’s favorite food is lasagna? What are the two longest rivers in the world? In
June 3, 2022
June 3 is National Donut Day; in 1938, National Donut Day was started by TSA, which stands for what? Which country has the most

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