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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On June 9, 1973, what horse won the Belmont Stakes – also winning the Triple Crown?
  2. What are the two June birth flowers?
  3. The “Magic Roundabout” in Swindon, England, is a “Ring Junction” of how many mini-rotaries: three, four or five?
  4. What reptile has American and Chinese species?
  5. On June 10, 1898, U.S. Marines landed at what Cuban bay?
  6. Which of these is not one of the fastest dog breeds: Boston terrier, Afghan hound or Lhasa apso?
  7. What African country has “The” as part of its formal name?
  8. What type of grape was developed in New England?
  9. On June 11 is the 76th Tony Awards; what show has had the most Tony nominations?
  10. In 1796 what U.S. president (born in Mass.) was elected when 11 other candidates also received Electoral College votes?
  11. How are Gentoo, Emperor and King similar?
  12. On June 12, 1939, the Baseball Hall of Fame opened where?
  13. Who was the first Frenchwoman to get a doctorate?
  14. What does the “O” prefix in Irish names mean?
  15. On June 13, 1774, what New England state became the first of the American colonies to ban importing slaves?
  16. What related to geology does a speleologist study?
  17. June 14 is National Bourbon Day; bourbon originated in what country?
  18. What well-known ordained priest in 1525 married a former nun – defying convention?
  19. What food do koalas eat that is toxic to many animals?
  20. On June 15, 2007, Bob Barker stepped down as host of what TV show?
  1. Secretariat
  2. Honeysuckle and rose
  3. Five
  4. Alligator
  5. Guantánamo
  6. Lhasa apso
  7. The Gambia
  8. Concord
  9. “Hamilton”
  10. John Adams
  11. They are types of penguins.
  12. Cooperstown, N.Y.
  13. Marie Curie
  14. Descendent of
  15. Rhode Island
  16. Caves
  17. USA (named after Bourbon County, which was named in honor of the French royals after the American Revolution)
  18. Martin Luther
  19. Eucalyptus leaves
  20. “The Price Is Right”

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