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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On April 1, 1638, religious reformer Anne Hutchinson left the Massachusetts Bay Colony on foot for what state?
  2. In Canada and the United States there are 13 species of maple trees; how many of them are tapped for syrup: three, seven or 13?
  3. The song “April Showers” was first published in what decade: 1870s, 1920s or 1950s?
  4. On April 2, 742, what emperor was born who advocated the establishment of schools at monasteries and abbeys?
  5. Why did Philadelphia Cream Cheese use the song “New York, New York” in 1980s TV commercials?
  6. Which modern expressions came first, text message or emoji?
  7. What are the three main ingredients of meringue?
  8. On April 3, 1973, the first of what type of phone call was made?
  9. Who recorded the album “A Gift from a Flower to a Garden” with the song “The Lullaby of Spring”?
  10. Rhubarb is native to what continent: Asia, Europe or North America?
  11. In 2004 what character was added to Morse Code – due to the internet?
  12. April 4 is National Hug a Newsperson Day; what famous news anchor started as a paper boy and did not have a college degree?
  13. What other tree product have indigenous peoples used to make maple products?
  14. In what part of the body are red blood cells made?
  15. On April 5, 1964, driverless trains first ran on the Victoria Line in what city?
  16. Marawa Ibrahim has a Guinness World Record for spinning the most hula hoops simultaneously; how many: 10, 50 or 200?
  17. April 6 is National Walking Day; the Summer Olympics has three events doing racewalking, which has what basic rule?
  18. What pair first recorded the song “April Come She Will”?
  19. What oil spill took place at Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound?
  20. On April 7, 1770, what author of the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” was born?
  1. Rhode Island
  2. Three
  3. 1920s (1921)
  4. Charlemagne
  5. Because the song’s first line is “Start spreading the news”
  6. Text message (1977 – 20 years earlier)
  7. Cream of tartar, egg whites and sugar
  8. Cell phone
  9. Donovan
  10. Asia
  11. @
  12. Walter Cronkite
  13. Birch bark for containers
  14. Bone marrow
  15. London
  16. 200
  17. One foot must always be on the ground
  18. Simon & Garfunkel
  19. Exxon Valdez
  20. William Wordsworth

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