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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On April 21, 1977, the musical “Annie” opened on Broadway; it was based on what?
  2. What is the last name of the Star Wars character with the first name of Han?
  3. April 22 is Earth Day, which was first observed in the first year of what decade?
  4. What letter of the alphabet means something in baseball and also on the periodic table?
  5. On April 23, 1984, Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler announced that the virus causing AIDS had been identified; what was the virus later named?
  6. How are Olympics cricket, croquet and tug of war similar?
  7. On April 24, the Library of Congress celebrates its birthday in 1800 when President John Adams approved $5,000 for purchase of books, which were ordered from what foreign city?
  8. In April of what year was the last U.S. feature-length silent movie released: 1927, 1930 or 1935?
  9. Commandant Klink was a character on what TV series?
  10. The word “hippie” was derived from what Beat Generation word?
  11. On April 25, 1917, Ella Fitzgerald was born; she was a master of singing nonsense syllables, which is more commonly called what?
  12. What government building has 67 acres of parking spaces?
  13. In the 1960 hit “M.T.A.” (by The Kingston Trio), voters are requested to vote for whom?
  14. What can have eyelets, vamp and tongue?
  15. On April 26, 1822, Frederick Law Olmstead was born; what park in Malden, Mass., did he design?
  16. Methuselah, the oldest tree in the world, is a Great Basin bristlecone pine in what country?
  17. Why did a town in Oklahoma change its name to Gene Autry?
  18. What animal breastfeeds for up to eight years: bats, bears or orangutangs?
  19. On April 27 the NFL draft starts; in what year was the first NFL draft: 1899, 1919 or 1936?
  1. The comic strip “Little Orphan Annie”
  2. Solo
  3. The 1970s
  4. K (strikeout and potassium)
  5. HIV
  6. They are all discontinued Olympic sports.
  7. London
  8. 1930
  9. “Hogan’s Heroes”
  10. Hipster
  11. Scat
  12. The Pentagon
  13. George O’Brien
  14. A shoe
  15. Fellsmere Park
  16. USA (California)
  17. He bought a nearby ranch.
  18. Orangutangs
  19. 1936

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