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Trivia Challenge

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  1. April 22 is Earth Day, which began in what year: 1970, 1980 or 1990?
  2. What novel includes the fictional communities of West and East Egg?
  3. In 2014, Zhongdian, a city in China, was renamed what from the novel “Lost Horizon”?
  4. What in the human body comes in arches, whorls and loops?
  5. On April 23, 1635, the first U.S. public school was founded where?
  6. Which country has the most pyramids (over 200): Egypt, Morocco or Sudan?
  7. April 24 is National Pigs in a Blanket Day; what fictional female chef included a pigs in a blanket recipe in her “Cooking for Kids” in 1957?
  8. Who is the Roman god of wine?
  9. Due to losing players to World War II, what two teams temporarily combined to form the Steagles?
  10. April 25 is World Penguin Day; is a puffin a type of penguin?
  11. What animal can clean its ear with its tongue?
  12. What does equinox mean?
  13. On April 26, 1954, what mass polio vaccine testing began?
  14. What literary character did Basil Rathbone play in 14 films?
  15. What perennial opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters have also been temporarily called the Boston Shamrocks, Atlantic City Seagulls and World All-Stars?
  16. On April 27, 1791, who was born who became an American inventor and artist and developed a code?
  17. Where in the body would you find aqueous humor?
  18. Which country has the world’s 10 coldest cities?
  19. What is another word for aubergine?
  20. On April 28, 1778, the Massachusetts Legislature passed a law allowing who to enlist in the Continental Army?
  1. 1970
  2. “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Shangri-La
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Boston (Boston Latin School)
  6. Sudan
  7. Betty Crocker
  8. Bacchus
  9. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers
  10. No; unlike a penguin, a puffin can fly.
  11. Giraffe
  12. Equal night (During the equinox night and day are of equal time.)
  13. Salk
  14. Sherlock Holmes
  15. The Washington Generals
  16. Samuel F.B. Morse
  17. The eye
  18. Russia
  19. Eggplant
  20. African American soldiers

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