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Trivia Challenge

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  1. April 7 is National Beer Day; what beer has the same name as the outermost layer of the sun?
  2. What Asian country has the most volcanoes?
  3. On April 8, 1974, who hit a 715th career home run (to break Babe Ruth’s record)?
  4. In March what German city decided to allow women to swim topless in its public pools?
  5. What is the ship Ever Given famous for?
  6. A Brannock device is used to measure what?
  7. On April 9, 1965, what venue hosted the first indoor MLB game?
  8. What causes some asparagus to be white?
  9. On April 10, 2019, astronomers released the first-ever image of what created from the collapse of a massive star?
  10. What is the most frequently spoken language in Asia?
  11. April 11 is National Pet Day; what American “Western” silent film star had a mansion with a pet cemetery?
  12. The French government recently raised the pension age to what?
  13. Which country has a denser population: Brazil, India or Monaco?
  14. What carries West Nile virus, malaria and dengue?
  15. On April 12, 1955, what vaccine was declared effective and safe?
  16. From what expensive substance were billiard balls once frequently made?
  17. What animal is baleen, which was used in corsets, from?
  18. Recently, several parents of students in Florida objected to classroom pictures of what famous statue as being pornographic?
  19. Up to about how many seeds does a sunflower have: 25, 250 or 2,000?
  20. On April 13, 1964, who won an Academy Award for best actor for “Lilies of the Field”?
  1. Corona
  2. Indonesia
  3. Hank Aaron
  4. Berlin
  5. It got stuck in the Suez Canal several years ago.
  6. Feet (in shoe stores)
  7. Houston’s Astrodome
  8. Soil or another substance blocks out the sun while it grows.
  9. Black hole
  10. Lack of sunlight while growing
  11. William S. Hart
  12. 64
  13. Monaco
  14. Mosquitoes
  15. For polio (developed by Dr. Jonas Salk)
  16. Ivory
  17. Whale (a substance attached to its jaws)
  18. Michelangelo’s David
  19. 2,000
  20. Sidney Poitier

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