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Trivia Challenge

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  1. What comic strip was originally called “Take Barney Google, F’rinstance”?
  2. On Dec. 16, 1773, what event took place in Boston Harbor?
  3. Who serves the Figgie pudding in “A Christmas Carol”?
  4. What was named Elsie and born in Brookfield, Mass., at Elm Hill Farm in 1932?
  5. On Dec. 17, 1894, what conductor was born in Boston, Mass.?
  6. What Greek god’s name is also the name of a flute?
  7. Where is the Wizard of Oz’s home?
  8. On Dec. 18, 2002, what second film of the “Lord of the Rings” films was released?
  9. In the Philippines, for the Christmas season star-shaped lanterns made of paper and bamboo are traditional; is bamboo a wood?
  10. In December 1963 what rock and roll singer/dancer married Miss World Catharina Lodders?
  11. On Dec. 19, 1843, what Charles Dickens novella subtitled “In Prose. Being A Ghost Story of Christmas” was published?
  12. Traditionally, what Italian cake is eaten at Christmas?
  13. Reportedly, this fall a gang of what has been alarming Woburn residents?
  14. On Dec. 20, 1946, the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” premiered; who starred in it?
  15. Last month the Scottish Football Association banned what professional soccer training practice around match time?
  16. December 21 in the United States is the shortest day and longest night – otherwise known as what?
  17. In December 2019, Zach King posted “Zach Kings Magic Broomstick” – captioned “They rejected my application to Hogwarts, but I still found a way to be a wizard” – as of March 2022 the most viewed video on what, according to Guinness World Records?
  18. Do just dogs have canine teeth?
  19. On Dec. 22, 1862, Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy – also known as “Connie Mack” and the “Tall Tactician” – was born in East Brookfield, Mass.; what sport did he play and manage?
  20. What 1971 movie has the tagline, “It’s scrumdiddlyumptious”?
  1. “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith”
  2. The Boston Tea Party
  3. Cratchit
  4. The Borden cow that appeared in ads and movies
  5. Arthur Fiedler
  6. Pan
  7. Emerald City
  8. “The Two Towers”
  9. According to the dictionary, it is a woody or arborescent grass.
  10. Chubby Checker
  11. “A Christmas Carol”
  12. Panettone
  13. Turkeys
  14. James Stewart
  15. Heading the ball
  16. The Winter Solstice
  17. TikTok
  18. No; many animals, including humans, have them.
  19. Baseball (for the Philadelphia Athletics)
  20. “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”

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