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Trivia Challenge

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  1. In what 1726 book would you find humanoid animals called Yahoos?
  2. What famous author was the first woman to register to vote in Concord, Mass.?
  3. On Dec. 23, 1954, a team of surgeons at Boston’s Peter Bent Brigham Hospital performed the first successful organ transplant; what was the organ?
  4. The first national Christmas tree, in 1923, came from Vermont and was lit by what president?
  5. In what 1968 animated movie would you find a war between Pepperland natives and the Blue Meanies?
  6. The mythological yeti – or abominable snowman – derives from what mountain range?
  7. On Dec. 24, 1912, one of the country’s first public Christmas trees was lit where in Boston?
  8. When they first met, what fictional character said to a doctor, “How are you? You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive”?
  9. In what poem would you find a character with “a broad face and a little round belly, / that shook when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly”?
  10. On Dec. 25, 1830, the Best Friend of Charleston became the first of what kind of regularly scheduled transportation service in the country?
  11. Who originally recorded “Feliz Navidad”?
  12. The “Rabbi Small” mystery series by Harry Kemelman starts with “Friday the Rabbi Slept Late” – it is set in the fictional town of Barnard’s Crossing in what state?
  13. What religious group’s worship services include long periods of “expectant waiting” (silence)?
  14. On Dec. 26, 1982, what non-human was named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year?
  15. Whose portrait is featured on a new European coin this month?
  16. On Dec. 27, 1964, what group first appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” singing “Come See About Me”?
  17. In what lake would you find Isle Royale?
  18. December 28 is National Card Playing Day; what was the previous name of the Jack?
  19. The Leaning Tower of Pisa has what function?
  20. On Dec. 29, 1852, in Boston, New Yorker Emma Snodgrass, 17, was arrested for wearing what?
  1. “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift
  2. Louisa May Alcott
  3. Kidney
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. “Yellow Submarine”
  6. The Himalayas
  7. Boston Common
  8. Sherlock Holmes (said to Dr. John Watson)
  9. “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore
  10. Steam locomotive passenger train
  11. José Feliciano
  12. Massachusetts
  13. The Quakers
  14. The personal computer
  15. King Charles III
  16. The Supremes
  17. Lake Superior
  18. Knave
  19. It is the bell tower of Pisa Cathedral.
  20. Pants

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