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Trivia Challenge

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  1. The world’s tallest thermometer (134 feet) is in the town of Baker in what U.S. state?
  2. On Dec. 3, 1895, what female Austrian psychoanalyst was born who wrote “The Ego and Mechanisms of Defense”?
  3. What is a Joe Frogger?
  4. December 4 is National Cookie Day; what was the first U.S. mass-produced cookie?
  5. The Gießkannenmuseum in Gießen, Germany, celebrates what kind of “can”?
  6. On Dec. 5, 1901, what entertainment company was founded that is headquartered in Burbank, Calif.?
  7. In the original Brothers Grimm fairytale, who was Ashputtel?
  8. How are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning similar?
  9. Manitoulin Island is the world’s largest lake island and has over 100 inland lakes; what lake is it in?
  10. December 6 is St. Nicholas Day; he was the Bishop of Myra, which is now called Demre and is in what country?
  11. Why are helium balloons able to float?
  12. What European city is considered the world’s most bicycle-friendly city?
  13. How are Canada, snow and cackling similar?
  14. On Dec. 7, 1932, what Swiss physicist received an American visa?
  15. The watchword of the Camp Fire Girls of America (rebranded as Camp Fire) is “Wohelo,” an anagram standing for what?
  16. On Dec. 8, 1993, the U.S. Secretary of Defense stated that there were 24 GPS satellites available for civilian navigation use; what does GPS stand for?
  17. In what N.E. state is Funspot, the world’s largest video game arcade?
  18. Which insect is thought to have the largest brain?
  19. Where will the FIFA World Cup be in 2022?
  20. On Dec. 9, 1902, what method of transport was first shown on a U.S. stamp?
  1. California
  2. Anna Freud
  3. A spicy molasses cookie thought to have originated in Marblehead, Mass.
  4. Animal Crackers
  5. Watering can (The museum has over 1,000.)
  6. The Walt Disney Company
  7. Cinderella
  8. They are the only starting quarterbacks to win at the Super Bowl with two different teams.
  9. Lake Huron
  10. Turkey
  11. Because helium is lighter than air. Air is mostly oxygen and nitrogen.
  12. Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. They are varieties of geese found in North America.
  14. Albert Einstein
  15. Work, Health, Love
  16. Global Positioning System
  17. New Hampshire (Weirs Beach)
  18. Ants
  19. Qatar
  20. Bicycle (This “Messenger on Bicycle” stamp replaced earlier stamp designs with a “running” messenger.)

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