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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On Dec. 9, 1960, the first episode of “Coronation Street” – the longest running soap opera ever – was broadcast in the UK; why are soap operas called that?
  2. What beverage company started using Santa Claus in advertising in 1931?
  3. What happens when a shark loses its teeth?
  4. How often does Santa check his list?
  5. On Dec. 10, 1805, abolitionist publisher William Lloyd Garrison was born in what Essex County community?
  6. What color bowtie does “The Cat in the Hat” wear?
  7. In the first single on the 2022 FIFA World Cup official soundtrack – “Hayya Hayya (Better Together)” – what does the Arabic word “Hayya” mean?
  8. What singer had a best-selling hit in 1953 with “Santa Baby”?
  9. On Dec. 11, 1980, the Massachusetts Secretary of State banned the sale of what computer stock because its price was too high?
  10. In the late 1920s, what baseball team was known as Murderers’ Row?
  11. On Dec. 12, 1891, the first game of what sport was played in Springfield, Mass.?
  12. What author of the 1900 book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” also wrote “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus”?
  13. December 13 is National Cocoa Day; what are the seeds in a cacao tree pod called?
  14. In what country is Santa Claus called Babbo Natale?
  15. What is the name of Germany’s traditional fruitcake?
  16. In which two countries is Santa Claus called Père Noël?
  17. On Dec. 14, 1994, construction began on the Three Gorges Dam on what river?
  18. Reportedly, what is the world’s deadliest creature: mosquito, shark or tsetse fly?
  19. What country is the only one to host the FIFA World Cup and lose its opening match?
  20. December 15 is Bill of Rights Day – when in 1791 how many constitutional amendments were ratified?
  1. Some radio dramas were originally sponsored by soap manufacturers.
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. They grow back.
  4. Twice
  5. Newburyport
  6. Red
  7. Let’s go!
  8. Eartha Kitt
  9. Apple
  10. The New York Yankees
  11. Basketball
  12. Frank Baum
  13. Cocoa beans
  14. Italy
  15. Stollen
  16. Belgium and France
  17. Yangtze
  18. Mosquito
  19. Qatar
  20. 10

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