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Trivia Challenge

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  1. February 18 is National Caregivers Day; what First Lady in the 1930’s became known as a caregiver?
  2. How are flip, lutz and loop similar?
  3. In what decade were miniskirts most prevalent?
  4. On Feb. 19, 1878, Thomas Edison patented the phonograph; the first recording was a recitation of what nursery rhyme involving an animal?
  5. Who coached the Boston Celtics from 1950 to 1966?
  6. Where would you find the world’s highest tide?
  7. Which country has the most donut shops per capita: Canada, Japan or the United States?
  8. What Winter Olympics sport omits sweeping in its Paralympics version?
  9. On Feb. 20, 1895, Frederick Douglass died; he escaped from slavery in what state that is nicknamed the Chesapeake Bay State?
  10. What author of “The Prophet” stated, “Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers”?
  11. February 21 is National Sticky Bun Day; the German name for the treat is “schnecken,” which literally means what mollusk?
  12. The steel drum musical instrument originated in what Caribbean country having two main islands?
  13. What are the three kinds of sleds at the Winter Olympics?
  14. On Feb. 22, 1512, what Italian-Spanish explorer died who gave his name to the New World?
  15. What is the oldest swim stroke?
  16. The African Meeting House, a discrimination-free place for worship and meetings, was built in what Boston neighborhood in 1806?
  17. On Feb. 23, 1813, the world’s first power mill to process cotton from spinning to weaving was incorporated in what Boston suburb?
  18. The first successful electric car in the United States was built in Des Moines, Iowa, in what year: 1891, 1932 or 1984?
  19. Reportedly, which has caused more human deaths: bees, flies or snakes?
  20. February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day; what state, upon a proposal by elementary school students, designated tortilla chips and salsa the state snack?
  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. They are figure skating jumps.
  3. The 1960’s
  4. “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
  5. Red Auerbach
  6. The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia
  7. Canada
  8. Curling
  9. Maryland
  10. Kahlil Gibran
  11. Snail
  12. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  13. Bobsled, luge and skeleton
  14. Amerigo Vespucci
  15. Breaststroke
  16. Beacon Hill (considered the country’s oldest Black church building)
  17. Waltham
  18. 1891
  19. House flies, which spread disease through bacteria
  20. Texas

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