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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On March 17, 1776, British forces left Boston for Nova Scotia; in 1901 what Massachusetts county declared this Evacuation Day?
  2. Governor Maura Healey has proclaimed what month Massachusetts Maple Month?
  3. Feudalism ended where: the Island of Sark in the English Channel, Japan or Russia?
  4. According to folklore, what is a leprechaun’s occupation?
  5. On March 18, 1953, the Boston Braves baseball team announced it was moving where?
  6. How many novels did Louisa May Alcott write that featured the March sisters?
  7. On March 19, 2008, Arthur C. Clarke died, the author of space exploration novels, including the novel for what 1968 film?
  8. Which needs more sap and is, thus, more expensive: birch or maple syrup?
  9. On March 20, 1985, Libby Riddles became the first female to win what annual race that takes place on a former mail/supply route?
  10. What river that includes the name of a city is dyed green to honor St. Patrick’s Day?
  11. What U.S. president and his wife had at one time been in a Pizza Hut ad?
  12. According to Guinness World Records, Austrian Lisa Farthofer in 2023 became “the first woman to row on the Southern Ocean” – what is that ocean also called?
  13. On March 21, 2021, what ship named one of its cannons Perfectus in honor of Loretta Perfectus Walsh, the Navy’s first female chief petty officer?
  14. Where would you find the Cactus League and the Grapefruit League (nicknames)?
  15. In “Moby Dick” who survived the wreck of the Pequod?
  16. What does XC stand for?
  17. On March 22, 1638, what female was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her religious beliefs?
  18. Where in the USA would you find the Overseas Highway?
  19. Which produces the most maple syrup: New York, Quebec or Vermont?
  20. On March 23, 1839, the first recorded instance of “O.K.” appeared in The Boston Morning Post; what did the letters stand for?
  1. Suffolk
  2. March
  3. The Island of Sark (in 2008, when its first election was held)
  4. Shoemaker to the fairies
  5. Milwaukee (later it moved to Atlanta)
  6. Three: “Little Women,” “Little Men” and “Jo’s Boys”
  7. “2001: A Space Odyssey”
  8. Birch
  9. Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
  10. The Chicago River
  11. Donald and Ivana Trump
  12. Antarctic Ocean
  13. USS Constitution
  14. In Arizona and Florida, respectively, during MLB spring training
  15. Ishmael
  16. Cross-country
  17. Anne Hutchinson
  18. Florida Keys
  19. Quebec
  20. “oll korrect” (then popular slang for “all correct”)

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