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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On Sept. 30, 1961, Jackson County, Oregon, paid a London tea firm for its part of what debt?
  2. Following soon after the 1929 introduction of canned pumpkin in the USA, what seasoning was first marketed?
  3. On Oct. 1, 1979, what Pope began a U.S. tour in Boston?
  4. What country originated the recipe for apple pie?
  5. October 2 is Name Your Car Day; what is the name of the car in the movie “The Blues Brothers”?
  6. What poet born in Haverhill, Mass., wrote “The mug of cider simmered slow, / The apples sputtered in a row, / And, close at hand, the basket stood / With nuts from brown October’s wood”?
  7. Who is Europe’s last Queen (of Denmark)?
  8. What are the three traditional colors of candy corn?
  9. On Oct. 3, 1990, what country reunified?
  10. What is Cli-Fi?
  11. According to Guinness World Records, what is the “most tracked flight in history”?
  12. On Oct. 4, 2002, what new bridge in Boston was dedicated?
  13. In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II met what “tramp” who holds the record for the “film star with the most biographies”?
  14. Which U.S. president’s first language was Dutch?
  15. Meatspace is a new word that means the opposite of what word meaning the online world?
  16. On Oct. 5, 1902, Larry Fine was born; he was part of what comic group?
  17. What are October’s two birth flowers (which start with the letters C and M)?
  18. In what state would you find the Katy Freeway, which has 26 lanes and is the USA’s widest road?
  19. What German city has had an Oktoberfest since 1810?
  20. October 6 is National Coaches Day; who has the record of the most NFL playoff coaching wins (31)?
  1. The tea that was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party by the Sons of Liberty
  2. Pumpkin pie spice
  3. Pope John Paul II
  4. England
  5. The Bluesmobile
  6. John Greenleaf Whittier
  7. Margrethe II
  8. Orange, yellow and white
  9. Germany
  10. Fiction about climate change
  11. “The flight carrying Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to London”
  12. Leonard P. Zakim Bridge
  13. Charlie Chaplin
  14. Martin Van Buren
  15. Cyberspace
  16. The Three Stooges
  17. Cosmos and marigold
  18. Texas
  19. Munich
  20. Bill Belichick

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