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Trivia Challenge

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  1. On July 21, 1775, the Battle of Brewster Island took place during a siege of what city?
  2. The first automobile factory (in the early 1900s) in the USA was in what town in Massachusetts that is also the name of a color?
  3. What northern geographic boundary takes into consideration the winter and summer solstices?
  4. On July 22, 1980, AFTRA joined the SAG strike; what do AFTRA and SAG stand for?
  5. How are Todd, Tutti, Stacie, Kelly, Chelsea, Krissy and Skipper similar?
  6. What golfer was nicknamed “The Golden Bear”?
  7. Reportedly, how many kernels are on an average ear of corn: 200, 500 or 800?
  8. July 23 is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day; in the 1780s what U.S. president handwrote a vanilla ice cream recipe (believed to be the USA’s oldest recipe for ice cream)?
  9. Who was the first “witch” to be executed in Salem, Mass.?
  10. The Major League Baseball Comeback Player of the Year Award was developed from a sponsorship agreement between MLB and what?
  11. July 24 is International Self-Care Day; nationaltoday.com encourages people to practice self-care, even if only by doing what basic exercise?
  12. How are Algol, Basic and C similar?
  13. The world’s first free public library that was supported by taxes was founded where: England, Germany or New England?
  14. On July 25, 1936, a five-night run of “Macbeth” – directed by Orson Welles – in Bridgeport, Conn., ended; it was part of the FTP of the WPA; what do they stand for?
  15. What variation of whist has a New England city’s name?
  16. The oval and round windows are in what part of the body?
  17. On July 26, 1864, John Wilkes Booth met with coconspirators at what Boston hotel to plan to kidnap Abraham Lincoln?
  18. What two U.S. presidents have been peanut farmers?
  19. The first Ken doll sold was wearing what?
  20. On July 27, 1953, an armistice agreement was signed, ending what war?
  1. Boston
  2. Orange
  3. The Artic Circle (It marks the southernmost latitude where on the Winter Solstice the sun will not rise all day and on the Summer Solstice the sun will not set.)
  4. American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild
  5. They are the Barbie doll’s siblings.
  6. Jack Nicklaus
  7. 800
  8. Thomas Jefferson
  9. Bridget Bishop
  10. Viagra
  11. Take a walk
  12. They are computer languages.
  13. New England (Peterborough, N.H.; founded at Town Meeting in 1833)
  14. Federal Theatre Project of the Works Progress Administration
  15. Boston whist
  16. The ear
  17. Parker House Hotel
  18. Jimmy Carter and Thomas Jefferson
  19. A swimsuit
  20. Korean

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