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Carlo DeMaria, Jr. vs. Everett Leader Herald, Sergio Cornelio, Joshua Resnek, Matthew Philbin and Andrew Philbin, Sr.

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Leader-Herald Publisher celebrates his degeneracy; Globe reporter peaks Resnek’s dirty mind in email

How low can he go – very

  Thanks to a judge’s decision to release over 20,000 emails and texts of Everett Leader Herald publisher/reporter Josh Resnek and newspaper owner Matthew Philbin, we get a clearer insight into Resnek’s depravity, all made clearer during his fourth deposition on Sept. 1 in Boston.

  Resnek, in an email to his “dear friend” Russel Pergament, the founder of the defunct Tab and Metro newspapers, salivates over Andrea Estes, a reporter for The Boston Globe, in a disturbing Oct. 1, 2021, email to his friend. Resnek tells Pergament that he met with Estes and City Clerk Sergio Cornelio and his parents in a meeting at a Malden restaurant for over two hours, with the hope of Estes getting a story on the mayor’s strong-arming of Cornelio’s Corey Street commercial property deal – all of which Resnek knew was legal. Resnek, using his fabricated stories to lure The Globe into reporting about the mayor in order to hurt his reelection chances in 2011, delivered Cornelio’s parents and the city clerk himself to Estes for what he called, “a five star interview.”

  In his email to Pergament, Resnek writes, “Anyway, met with Andrea Estes and my people for two hours. It was a five star interview for Andrea. Funny thing or not so funny at all … I’ve known her and communicated with her many, many times and we’ve tried the same stories on more than several occasions over the years. Yet I know nothing about the woman – and for this reason – she seems so attractive. I wonder if she’d f@#k the Blue Suit, or open his zipper and give him a good flogging. I wondered what is she about? Who is she? I told her I thought of her as a predator and this story would be a fait accompli. She laughed at the first blush about being a predator. She nodded in agreement about the fait accompli. I walked her to her car – nice legs, slim body, in shape, definitely works out, wearing Hollywood style big sunglasses. Long black hair, nice smile, an engaging smile and a full laugh at things both comical and near to pathetic which we both understood. A slender face, rigidly designed. Good teeth. I bet she’s in her mid-50’s, maybe older.”

  As it happened, Resnek’s “fait accompli” for the mayor would never happen – instead, just mindless meanderings from a perverted mind.

  But Attorney Jeffrey Robbins, the mayor’s attorney, pressed on, stating that in April 2020, Resnek was making allegations in his stories in the newspaper that the mayor was, “sexually offensive to women, engaged essentially in sex crimes, a misogynist, and sexually harassed people.” Resnek admitted that he did. The attorney then submitted evidence of emails in 2021 that Resnek had written to a friend about the articles he wrote about the mayor as well as a manuscript he was writing which included the mayor and his wife, Stacy DeMaria.

  Atty. Robbins then produced evidence of Resnek’s “Chelsea 1980” events when he and a friend, Arnie Jarnak, a fellow employee he worked with at the Chelsea Record newspaper, had sexual relations with multiple women – described by Resnek in misogynistic detail. Resnek, in braggadocios style, described having to pay for his third of an abortion, all the while having sex with the women’s sister, among others.

  “That’s what you wrote during a period when you were making these accusations against Mr. DeMaria?” asked the attorney.

  Resnek was advised by counsel not to answer, stating that it wasn’t relevant. But Atty. Robbins disagreed, calling Resnek’s accusations made in his articles toward the mayor malice.

  Robbins asked Resnek if in 2019 that he was writing that the mayor was a sexual harasser and insensitive to women and a misogynist, Resnek replied in the affirmative.

  Robbins then read into the record Resnek’s own words in an email. “‘I made myself busy with writing, with buildings, with the bar, with my family, and f@#king as many women I could without ever stopping to know who they were or where they were going or what they were about.’ Is that what you wrote, sir?” Again, Resnek was advised not to answer.

  Robbins brought up Resnek’s failed manuscript sale on Steve Wynn, in particular the section describing the mayor and his wife. When asked why he wrote about the mayor’s wife, Resnek, as he had so many times during his deposition, claimed to have no recollection of why he wrote what he wrote. “I have no recollection about why I did this,” said Resnek. “But it – never got published.”

  Admitting to his intention of having the manuscript published, Resnek stated that the section about the mayor and his wife – writing that they shared an open marriage and had sexual relations with others – was in the first chapter of the book.

  Resnek, when hearing the attorney read the passage from his manuscript, describes his own writing as odious. “Your reading it is corrosively ugly,” said Resnek to Robbins.

  “Did you think that it was appropriate to write about Stacy DeMaria in this proposed manuscript?” asked the attorney. Resnek’s lawyer advised his client, once again, not to answer – essentially shutting down the line of questioning.

  Resnek then admitted to lying about the accusations made about the mayor – some that he had also claimed in his stories and Blue Suit articles.

The billionaire’s buddy

  During Resnek’s deposition, Atty. Robbins delves into Resnek’s relationship with billionaire Joseph O’Donnell, who was part of a group which owned Suffolk Downs and was hoping to sell the land located in East Boston and Revere to Mohegan Sun for the Class A casino license against Wynn Resorts and the City of Everett. Resnek, bragging that he met with O’Donnell on many occasions, admits in his sworn testimony that in his texts to Pergament that he had said he had known the billionaire for about 30 years but the figure was false.

  When asked if it was true that he told his friend that O’Donnell got his son into Harvard and that he owed O’Donnell his life, and that he did some work for him, Resnek stated that it was “partially true” but it was more exaggeration on his part. Resnek stated that he was never employed by O’Donnell but “we discussed a lot about the casino.”

  He claimed in his testimony that the “work” he performed was just talk about the casino business, but more about his manuscript about the casino deal that he and “partner” Walter Pavlo were hoping to sell to O’Donnell. But Resnek began to unravel when Robbins questioned about the manuscript that Resnek was hoping to sell – when he brought up the first chapter which included the mayor’s wife, Stacy DeMaria – that makes false allegations about their personal lives. Resnek claimed that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to sell the manuscript, which he titled, “Steve Wynn’s Last Dance.” Resnek admitted that he told O’Donnell in his email that the Leader Herald was a “shit ass nitwit weekly newspaper of record with me at the helm.”

  “You wrote to Mr. O’Donnell that Mayor DeMaria was a sexual degenerate, right?” asked Robbins. “Yes, sir,” replied Resnek.

  “You describe him in 2019 in an email that you sent to him as a fat useless f@#k but adored in his hometown of Everett, correct? That’s how you describe Mr. DeMaria?” asked the attorney.

  “Yes, sir. That’s how Greg Antonelli described him to me. That’s the mayor’s best friend,” answered Resnek.

  Robbins asked Resnek to explain why referring to the mayor with such derogatory names and accusations was helpful to O’Donnell wanting the mayor out of office. Resnek stated that he didn’t recall O’Donnell ever saying that to him. “Maybe he did say it – I don’t have a recollection,” replied Resnek.

Sex, lies and cassette tape

  Atty. Robbins then presented Exhibit 58 where Resnek tells Philbin in a Feb. 14, 2019, email that he met with O’Donnell and Walt Pavlo, coauthor of his manuscript; Gary DiCicco, a developer and convicted felon; and a lawyer from New York City – where they traded information for two hours and that it was “incredible stuff.” Resnek’s information included the allegation that the mayor’s wife was having an extramarital affair with a man named Anthony Petrucelli and that the mayor asked DiCicco to intervene to make Petrucelli stop. Resnek then tried to walk his statement back but admitted that’s what he emailed to Philbin.

  Resnek also admitted to publishing a taped conversation between Steve Wynn and the mayor on the newspaper website, claiming that it was just left at his doorstep. When pressed by the attorney as to how he obtained the tape, Resnek stated he didn’t know, saying that the mayor was under federal investigation.

  But Robbins immediately corrected Resnek, stating that the mayor was never under federal investigation and making such claims under oath could lead to legal consequences against him. Resnek then stated that he never sought legal advice on posting the taped private conversation on social media – and admitted that he told his boss that they had “another big week” and should celebrate.

  But the Resnek’s lying would once again catch up to him when he was asked about his attempt to sell his manuscript about the Wynn casino – admitting that the mayor was a “major character” in the story. When asked about an Nov. 29, 2020, email to a book publisher named Alfred Regnery about having 20,000 visitors to his website and Facebook page, Resnek claimed it was all hyperbole. But Robbins pointed to Resnek’s attempt to further interest in his manuscript by asking Regnery to focus his attention on an article he wrote about the mayor. Resnek states in his article that DiCicco was the original land owner of the parcel that was sold to Wynn for the casino but was made a fall guy by the FBI, portraying him as a gangster.

  He was then asked if he used the articles he wrote about the mayor to help interest purchasers of his manuscript; Resnek replied that “all media was important.” Resnek was asked about a proposal for the manuscript by he and his writing partner Pavlo for a book deal. Resnek was again asked if he benefitted from “bringing the mayor down.” Atty. Robbins again asks, “Yeah, because he’s [Pavlo] telling you that if you, Mr. Resnek, can bring down Carlo DeMaria, it does nothing but add value to the work that you and Mr. Pavlo were doing together, right?”

  “Absolutely,” replies Resnek.

  “And you write back, ‘You know I will work with you to make this a success without question. I am going to bring down the mayor. What a thing is coming. It benefits both of us big time.’”

  “That’s what you wrote, correct?” asks the attorney. “Yes, sir,” replies Resnek.

  Next week: It’s a Philbin life.

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