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Everett High School Crimson Tide Cheerleaders and Basketball Players share future plans during Senior Night

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  The Everett High School Crimson Tide Girls’ Varsity Cheerleaders and Varsity Boys’ Basketball Players presented roses to their families and friends during last Wednesday’s Senior Night at Everett High School.

Cheerleader Riley Avelar presented a rose to her mother, Maria Vaughan. The School Committee’s student representative plans to become a politician after high school graduation.
Cheerleader Kristi Skane was presented to her grandmothers, Carolyn and Carol “Frances” Skane, her aunt Karen Garofalo, her stepmother, Megan Sheid, her sister, Julianne Skane, and her best friends Julianna Edwards, Kayley Rossi and Anthony Masucci. She plans to become an astrophysicist after graduating from Everett High School.
Basketball player Kevin Ruiz was accompanied by Carol Bippy, his friends Michele, Kaylin and Ashley Seward and Co-Captain David DeSouza.
Basketball player Alex Callejas Portillo was accompanied by his family members Alejandra Perez, Jesse Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez and Brianna DelOrbe.
Basketball player Adam Penaflor was accompanied by his parents, Miller and Fatima, and his friends Emilia Maria-Babcock, Kederson Pierre, Michelange Goin, Diego Sanchez, Devin Rowe, Yariel Santos and Owen Beauvil.
Cheerleader Michelle Ngo was accompanied by her father, Kiet, her mother, Yen, and her brother, Ethan. She plans to become a dermatologist after high school graduation.
Basketball player Karmarri Ellerbe was accompanied by his mother, Nikeisha, and his sister, Karyana, teammates Adam Penaflor and Co-Captain David DeSouza, his cousin, Kendrick Kellman, and his friends Dimitry Duvanard and Kotty Castenada.
Basketball player Anderson Joseph was accompanied by Keith Exilus and Luis Alvarez.
Cheerleader Makayla Freni (second from left) presented flowers to her mother, Colleen, her father, Marc, and her brother, Tyler. She plans to become a pediatric nurse practitioner after graduating from Everett High.
During last Wednesday’s Girls’ Varsity Cheerleading and Boys’ Varsity Basketball Senior Night at Everett High School, cheerleader Karyana Ellerbe (in center) was accompanied by her mother, Nikeisha, and her brother Karmarri. She plans to become a real estate agent after high school graduation.
Co-Captain David DeSouza was accompanied by Fabricia Correia, Adilson Da Cruz, Alynna Da Cruz, James Dos Santos, Sarah Sales, Nuzia Sales, Gabriel Sales, Marcilio Melo, Joshua Melo, Samula DeSouza, Kederson Pierre, Joao Marchetti, Kevin Ruiz, Steven Cordero, Karmarri Ellerbe and Adam Penaflor.
Cheerleader Aaliyah Desdunes presented roses to her friend Rianna Botte. She plans to become an aesthetic nurse after graduating.
Cheerleader Bianca DeLuca (in center) was accompanied by her mother, Janaine Ferreira, her father, Ricardo de Lima, her sister Jessica de Lima, her sister Rebeca de Lima, her brother, Bernardo de Lima, and her cousin, Mariana Zeferino. She plans to become a physician’s assistant after graduation.
Steven Cordero was accompanied by Sarah Sales, Nurth Cordero and David Zorrilla. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)

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