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For the Sober Shuttle, Inc., it’s all about Appreciation!

ken Kelley
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  In August 2022, the Sober Shuttle introduced their “Program of Appreciation” that recognizes the efforts of Massachusetts Police Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians. The Everett Fire Department on Broadway in Everett was the first recipient of a Dunkin’ Box O’ Joe and a dozen donuts.

  In September the Sober Shuttle improved this event by teaming up with The Well Coffee House located at 983 Broadway in Everett in a unique appreciative partnership. On September 3 the “Shuttleians” accompanied by the Wellers visited the Malden Police Headquarters on Eastern Avenue and presented the Police Department with a Certificate of Appreciation. This certificate indicates that Wednesday, September 14 would be the Malden Police Department Day of Appreciation at The Well Coffee House. This event allowed all Malden Police Department employees the opportunity to stop by The Well Coffee House between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to enjoy a complimentary coffee and specialty pastry.

  On October 7, Sober Shuttle members James A. Booker, Linda A. Booker and Joanie Thomas visited the Everett Police Department on Elm Street in Everett and presented Sergeant Kenneth Kelley with a Certificate of Appreciation and announced on behalf of The Well Coffee House that Wednesday, October 15 will be the Everett Police Department Day of Appreciation. All employees with the Everett Police Department will have the opportunity to try a specialty coffee and pastry as a gesture to say thank you for your service and strength throughout Everett.

  In addition to these monthly awards, the Sober Shuttle also announced their Letter of Appreciation Initiative. On any given day in any given city or town, a Sober Shuttle member could present a First Responder with a thank you letter, a Sober Shuttle Brochure, Business Card and a $10.00 Dunkin’ Gift Card.

  Recently, the Sober Shuttle recognized a Stoneham Police Officer, a Quincy EMT and an Everett Police Officer with this award. However, it seems a common trait that Police Officers refuse the gift card and keep the literature. The Sober Shuttle then forwards the Dunkin’ Card to a homeless person.

  The Sober Shuttle, Inc. is proud to partner with The Well Coffee House in these local presentations and events. Although it would not be possible for coffee and pastries to be delivered to distant cities and towns, the Sober Shuttle will continue to honor our distant People of Service with Dunkin’ Joe and a dozen donuts.

  So keep your eyes on your door! It may just be a group of “Shuttleians” coming to say thank you and to present your department with a Day of Appreciation at The Well Coffee House, or a Box of Joe and a dozen donuts! Many thanks to all our First Responders across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

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