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Keverian presents Ronald Dahl’s “Willy Wonka Jr.”

Opening Scene-2
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  The George Keverian Drama Club presented “Willy Wonka Jr.” at Everett High School last Friday night. Approximately 55 students participated in the production, and some characters switched gender roles.

Bucket Family-2
Members of the Bucket family, pictured from left to right: Sarah Jasmin, Hailey Castaneda, Rei Freitas, Darrias Reno-Dickerson, Saadya Fortin, Rdgardo Rosales Calderon, Samir Dervisevic and Samantha Mejia.
Think Positive-2
Darrias Reno (kneeling) as Charlie Bucket, encouraged Hailey Castaneda as Mr. Bucket to think positive.
Shown from left to right: Director Brittany Mitchell, Producer Christine Reno, Backstage Manager Alexandra Creighton, Choreographer Hayley Petraitis and Music Director Eric Dauenhauer.
Christine Reno, the Parent Teacher Organization Vice President and Producer
Justin Evans (far right), Zara Woumann (far left) and Madeline Santos from Phunk Phenomenon performed to hype up the crowd. (Advocate photos by Tara Vocino)
Opening Scene-2
At the performance by the George Keverian Drama Club at Everett High School last Friday night, the opening scene of “Willy Wonka Jr.” was titled “Pure imagination.”
Oompa Loompa’s, pictured from left to right: Michelle Martinez Landverd (bottom), Daniella Ramirez (top), Jullia Dos Santos (bottom), Isabel Escobar Martinez (top), Brenda Da SIlva (bottom), Meleth Pleitez Chacon (top), Dylan Escobar Martinez (bottom), Grace Jackson (top), Samra Dervisevic (bottom), Kelcie Moya (top), Max Smith (bottom) and Ryan Nunez (top).
On TV-2
Alexah Botelho as Phineous Trout, Brianna Lamrique and Karina Moya as Ms. Teaveee sang “I see it on television.”
Main Characters-2
Main characters, pictured from left to right: Gavin Mauldin Hopkins (bottom), laylla Lima (top), Tori Short (bottom), Abigail Falkoaski (top), Brianna Lamerique (bottom), Karina Moya (top), Kevin Pham (bottom), Jaseth Murillo (top), Darrias Reno-Dickerson (bottom) and Samir Dervisevic (top).
Lead Characters-2
Darrias Reno-Dickerson as Charlie Bucket, Samir Dervisevic as Grandpa Jo and Sarah Jasmin as Willy Wonka
I Eat More-2
A scene from “I eat more.” Pictured from left to right: Keiley Ortega Estrada, Melissa Assis, Lexia White, Lilliana Rosales Velaquez, Elizabeth Elescar, Kimberly Cruz Martinez, Gavin Mauldin-Hopkins, Laylla Lima and Alexah Botelho.
Happy Birthday-2
The Bucket family wished Charlie Bucket (standing in center) a happy birthday.
Golden Age Of Chocolate-2
The Golden Age of Chocolate: Pictured from left to right: Elizabeth Elescar, Gabrielle Alexandre, Sarah Jasmin, Maria Isabelly and Ferreira Silva.
The backstage crew, pictured from left to right in yellow: Alaa Bouidi, Orchid Tran Ly, Jordan Sermeil, Angel Allen, Anne-Laurie Elescar, Michael Garcia Leveron, Mariyah Solomon, Kailani Ordonez, Ahmed Ailane, Ashleen Acosta Canales, Rhyan Ennadher (bottom left) and Lucas Moutinho, along with the remainder of the cast and crew.
Candy Man-2
Willy Wonka, played by Sarah Jasmin, sang “The Candy Man Can.”
Candy Kids-2
Candy Kids, pictured from left to right: Kimberly Ramirez (bottom), Melissa Assis (top), Lizet Ramos (bottom), Kimberly Cruz Martinez (top), Kianna Alcius (bottom), Darrias Reno-Dickerson (top), Elizabeth Elescar (bottom), Lexia White (top), Deborah Morase (bottom), Keiley Ortega Estrada (top) and Maria Isabelly Ferreira Silva (bottom).

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