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Lack of Transparency and Fear Run School Supt.’s Political School System

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~ Letter to the Editor ~

  Same as most, I am a lifelong resident Everett who chose to stay here and raise my family. My children attend Everett Public Schools and until recently I was extremely happy with their education. I was excited and optimistic about a new administration beginning in March of 2020, and thrilled that it was a woman in the lead. I heard the rumors going around the city regarding the pending lawsuit against Boston, but still I stayed optimistic. The new Superintendent, Priya Tahiliani, started at the worst time anyone could start a new job. Faced by uncharted waters, in a new district, with a brand-new position, and little to no experience. Things seemed to be going okay, everyone was adjusting to this new normal.

  Let’s fast forward a bit. School was back in person full-time. My child began attending Everett High and would come home every day and tell me about all the fights happening day after day. Let’s remember, all the Deans were relieved of their duties, as were the matrons who keep the bathrooms clean. Fights day after day, videos circulating throughout the city, puke on the bathroom floor for DAYS, the list could go one and on. Let’s not forget the rodents running through the classrooms, rats attempting to get into doors burrowing near the trash, dead animal carcass on the outside lower roof at the high school for MONTHS. The cherry on the top, student lock-down at EHS with no communication to any other school in the district. How do I know that? At dismissal my other child’s school administration had no clue. Is that the transparency that Priya is always talking about?

  She also continually talks about how different she is from the prior administration. You don’t hold a candle to the prior administration. The test scores have never been lower, the children don’t have textbook (not everyone has the internet or a computer to access them), and you administrators are having affairs with staff. One would consider that abuse of power, but why are you pretending it’s not happening? You have been buying the votes of the school committee since you began with raises for family and jobs to friends. Do you think the people of Everett don’t know the truth? Since the day you arrived you and your administration (to borrow a word form you- your cronies) have done nothing but spew hate throughout my city. You have encouraged student walk-outs, in the middle of the school day. Over 500 kids walked out of EHS, but only about 100 showed up to City Hall. Where were the rest of the students? Who would have been responsible if something had happened to any of them? Encourage the students, stand out there with them, AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. Your main priority should be their education, you are the Superintendent after all, and they did miss 2 years of formal education. Do you really understand what the students in my city go through on a daily basis? I wonder if you think about them while you sit in your $2 million dollar home in Brookline.

  Since you are an award-winning Superintendent, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a new job. Good Luck and Good Riddance and take your cronies with you when you go!!


Name withheld upon request

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