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MBTA announces May 18 meeting to discuss accelerated safety, reliability on Green Line

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  As part of the MBTA’s Capital Transformation, the Green Line Transformation (GLT) team will hold a virtual public meeting on May 18 at 6 p.m. to discuss the 2022 full access closures across the Green Line for the installation of Green Line Train Protection System (GLTPS) equipment and the replacement of several miles of track. The work planned during the scheduled closures will accelerate not only the completion of GLTPS but expedite additional projects and improvements across the system.

  “The work taking place during these full-access Green Line closures will allow us to replace over two miles of track and accomplish important safety work on the Green Line Train Protection System,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak.

  He added, “When complete, the GLTPS will use safety monitoring equipment to help prevent train-on-train collisions, automatically stop a train when a red light is present, and incorporate speed enforcement. We know these kinds of diversions can be an inconvenience, but these service suspensions allow us to expedite and accomplish this work one year sooner than planned. I want to thank our Green Line riders for their patience while we accelerate these important projects and our Green Line Transformation team for their commitment to safe and reliable service for communities across the Green Line.”

  The GLTPS will combine vehicle and wayside equipment to improve safety on the Green Line by avoiding train-on-train collisions, adding red-light signal protection, and incorporating speed enforcement. The equipment installed along the wayside will interact with the vehicle’s braking system, ensuring safe train operation on the Green Line. The use of full access closures allows for the accelerated completion of GLTPS by the end of 2023 – one year sooner than planned.

  Track asset renewal will occur at the same time GLTPS components are installed. After the closures are complete, more than two and one-half miles of track, 10 crossings and six units of special track work across the Green Line will be replaced. New track will improve reliability, reducing unplanned service disruptions due to aging infrastructure, and it will improve safety and comfort for riders. This accelerated timeline saves two years of night and weekend work and reduces resource costs. These opportunities also allow the GLT team to support the beautification of the E Branch as stakeholder crews plan to plant trees along Huntington Avenue.

  “Our team is dedicated to delivering safe and consistent service across the Green Line during construction,” said MBTA Chief of Capital Transformation Angel Peña. “Although surges can cause disruption to regularly scheduled service, the Capital Transformation team is committed to keeping our riders informed as we accelerate work delivering safer and more dependable service much sooner.”

  There will be alternative service provided for Green Line passengers throughout the scheduled full access Green Line closures. Accessible shuttle buses as well as enhanced bus services will be available to minimize service interruption.

Alternative service for Green Line riders

  B Branch: Green Line B branch service will be replaced with accessible shuttle buses between Kenmore and Boston College stations in both directions for 12 days from June 20 to July 1. Shuttles will not stop at Warren Street, Allston Street or Packards Corner stations.

  C Branch: Green Line C branch service will be replaced with accessible shuttle buses between Kenmore and Cleveland Circle Stations for 12 days from July 11-22, 2022. Shuttles will not stop at Brandon Hall or Kent Street Stations.

  D Branch: Three nine-day closures of the Green Line D branch will take place from Kenmore to Riverside Stations in both directions with accessible shuttle buses provided from September 24 to October 30. Shuttles will not stop at Beaconsfield Station.

  E Branch: Green Line E branch service will be replaced with accessible shuttle buses between Copley and Heath Street Stations for 16 days from August 6-21 with enhanced parallel Route 39 bus service also provided.

  The Capital Transformation follows a holistic approach to transforming the Green, Orange and Red Lines. The program is aligned by six Levels of Transformation: Improving Safety and Bringing Infrastructure into a State of Good Repair, Enhancing Accessibility, Replacing Legacy Fleets, Increasing Passenger Capacity, Modernizing Rider Experience and Expanding Service.

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