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Resnek’s egotistical emails to media outlets offered roadmaps to nowhere

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Carlo DeMaria, Jr. vs. the Everett Leader LLC, Matthew Philbin, Andrew Philbin, Sr., Joshua Resnek and Sergio Cornelio

The smartest person in an empty room

More emails released to the Everett Advocate of Everett Leader Herald journalist Josh Resnek and newspaper owner Matthew Philbin exposed that not a single Boston news station or book publisher wanted anything to do with Resnek’s stories of admitted lies and fabrications about Mayor Carlo DeMaria published in the Leader Herald during various weeks leading up to the primary election.

In numerous emails to various Boston media outlets – ranging from WGBH, WCVB and WHDH to the Boston Herald, to name a few – Resnek attaches a copy of the edition. In every email, Resnek uses various subject lines, such as “corruption in Everett,” as he desperately informs the recipient: “For a roadmap, I’m available.”

In his last attempt to get his story some attention, Resnek emails his “go-to” Boston Globe reporter, Andrea Estes, appearing to doubt his own lies, emailing: “I think I’ve got him … but he’s as bad as a nasty virus. Tough to wipe out. Do what you can. Use me as your roadmap. No one can duck out of this. It is all on the record. Enjoy. JR.”

They must have taken Resnek’s stories as a roadmap to nowhere.

Resnek even reaches out for some “therapy” to controversial former psychiatrist Keith Ablow in an email dated April 21, 2020, where he proclaims to be the “major voice in the city of 60,000,” writing, “The mayor hates me. He has tried to put us out of business. Everyone tries (expletive) with me. But they can’t because I fight back unlike every other voice in this city that cowers in the face of the mayor’s greed and treachery, bullying and ignorance, sexual harassment and municipal corruption.”

Ablow was stripped of his medical license in 2019 by the Mass. Board of Registration in Medicine alleging that he engaged in sexual and unethical misconduct towards his patients.

Resnek has admitted in his three depositions that all accusations stated in his stories are false, without merit and fabricated to hurt the mayor’s chances of winning reelection.

In a June 11, 2021, email to Anthony Pires, Jr., Resnek states, “Check out the Eye column. Read the editorials. I am a investigative reporter and a character. What fun!” Resnek attached a copy of his recent edition as well.


The richest deadbeat in the world

But publishing the newspaper wasn’t always on Resnek’s mind when he was reaching out to a conservative book publisher for a potential book deal on the Wynn Casino, submitting a copy of a Nov. 19, 2020, Leader Herald edition to Alfred Regnery, president of Republic Book Publishers.

“Alfred, I am sending you this file to show you what I do from week to week as a writer in the city of Everett. I would ask you to pay special attention to what I published on page 2 of the file, please. Let me know of your interest in the ‘Encore’ manuscript at your convenience.”

Republic Book Publishers is known for publishing conservative nonfiction, according to its website. It is no wonder that Resnek’s fiction didn’t make the cut.

Resnek, relentless in his pursuit to be something more than a “speck of dust,” as he called himself in his first deposition, reaches out to Boston Globe Staff Writer Neil Swidey, an author of nonfiction books. Resnek promotes his book he has sent to Swidey about Chelsea “from 40 years ago.” Resnek has no problem describing his “success” as an author, stating the book had sold 3,000 copies all over the USA, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Not exactly a best-seller, but it has caught the interest of the publisher, the owner of Sony,” stated Resnek in his Feb. 6, 2021, email, in order to impress the author. But then the fake newspaper publisher mentions his last edition of “his newspaper” and his stance against “the corrupt municipal government and a corrupt mayor – as corrupt as I covered,” writes Resnek.

“He has made an effort to put me out of business. This won’t work. I have more money than he does. Be that as it may, I don’t publish the newspaper to make money – I make money to publish the newspaper. Please reads the Blue Suit,” begs Resnek. “Last, a photograph of my study at home which I know you would appreciate.”

The bragging phony publisher, proud to announce his new found riches – of Philbin’s pot money – forgot to mention to Swidey that the newspaper has been bleeding money on an annual basis since he took it over in 2017 when Philbin purchased the newspaper.


Faker than fiction

Again, in March of 2021, Resnek reaches out by email to someone he refers to as a “Hollywood type,” asking the recipient to take delight in his weekly work as he stood up for a real estate developer named Gary DeCicco, claiming to have revealed the “theft purchase” of the Class A casino license by Steve Wynn. Resnek attempts to sell a manuscript that he coauthored based on the Wynn casino land sale – claiming that the land sale was illegal based on hearsay from DeCicco – his unnamed “source.” Resnek admitted in his depositions that he never had any proof after alluding at the end of his Sept. 11, 2019, article, promising readers of a “fellow I know well has promised to tell in the near future – a bad development for Kickback Carlo.” Resnek admitted he provided no evidence or facts before he wrote the article, including notes or documentary evidence which provided information that would support his allegations – yet here he is attempting to sell a manuscript based on his newspaper articles filled with false information.

As an enticement, Resnek claims in his email that Wynn’s lawyers have reached out to him demanding to see what he was writing but stood fast against the alleged offer. “I refused,” claimed Resnek in his email. “He asked me if I wanted to sell the manuscript to Steve Wynn. I denied that obviously,” stated Resnek.

Resnek tells the Hollywood-type recipient that he has the option to include him and his colleague as “two investigative reporters” sticking up for Gary and creating a fuss with the U.S. Attorney’s office, the State Police and the FBI. “Lots of eyes on it”, claims Resnek, referring to his stories in Philbin’s newspaper.

One would have to wonder if the movie manuscript was of the fiction-fantasy genre.


Lyin’ across the Pond

Resnek also delves into national politics with a friend in England after sending her a copy of his Oct. 1, 2020, edition, taking great pride in his “Blue Suit” articles and bragging how his column is the “best read and most often commented bit in the city of Everett every Wednesday.” Then his email conversation turned to the Presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joseph Biden. Resnek takes great delight in denouncing the liberal left, among others, including his own country.

Resnek writes to his pal across the pond, stating: “The debate – well – it wasn’t a debate.

The liberal left believing democracy is at stake here are as clearly out of their minds as is the president and his right-wing crew who fail to disavow themselves from white supremacists or the fact we might have a racism problem here. The liberal left would have you believe white supremacists are about to take over the US when in fact there are an estimated 10,000 white supremacists and 360 million Americans. The political, social, economic and moral bankruptcy of our nation is what we are witnessing right now. I think it has always been this way but during this era of proliferating news available 24/7, we tend not believe anything our politicians tell us or promise. It’s all a huge pile of stanking shite. Hope you and the gang are well. My best to Boris Johnson – JR.”


Marching orders from the boss

Resnek would learn that his inflated ego and reputation might have caught up with him when he attempted to file a complaint with law enforcement in a June 2020 email to request an investigation of the donation of three basketball nets to DeMaria by former EHS football coach and current Catholic Memorial High School Head Coach John DiBiaso. In his “complaint,” Resnek claimed the mayor had taken one of the basketball nets and stanchions and placed it in his yard. He then claimed the other two were transported to Lynnfield, where they were given to Greg Antonelli, owner of GTA Construction. Resnek claimed they were NBA grade basketball nets made by Under Armour and that the basketball pieces were accepted by the mayor and a close friend as their own. Resnek felt that it was a conflict of interest for the mayor to take possession of the basketball nets and requested an investigation, “not so much for me,” wrote Resnek, “but for the people of the city of Everett and the children who were supposed to have use of the three basketball pieces.”

Like Resnek claimed in the initial email to Matt Philbin, “Let the games begin. Let’s see if anyone cares.” I guess no one at anyplace he contacted cared.

Despite Philbin and Resnek’s laughable attempts at gaining attention through their “Blue Suit” columns and despicable fabrications, reality would soon bite them back when they ran an editorial which to their lawyer friends, may have crossed a line, removing the city clerk’s name and the word ”systemic” from the article. In his email to Philbin, Resnek tells his boss, “Sergio’s name has been removed. Systemic has been removed. The editorial has been replaced and whatever else you wanted has been done.”

Throughout the many emails and texts between Resnek and Philbin, Boston Globe reporter Estes and numerous recipients, Resnek described himself as the reporter against the corrupt city and its mayor. Without a morsel of truth, he continued his charade as a newspaper reporter as the mayor and his legal team closed in.


Leave me out of it

One city councillor, Jimmy Tri Le, a realtor by trade, ran an ad in the Leader Herald, but paid Resnek a commission if he sold a home or listing through the newspaper ad. But on Sept. 10, two days after Philbin and Resnek published their incendiary Sept. 8, 2021, article claiming Sergio was extorted by the mayor over the land deal, Tri Le woke up and realized who he was involved with and requested to end the commission deal to Resnek. “I wanted to let you know I have yet to get any phone calls from the ad. I don’t think it works. I do better meeting and talking to people. You can stop putting my real estate ad in your paper and taking up space,” wrote Tri Le.

Resnek replied that he heard from a friend that Tri Le had a sale coming up but begged Tri Le to stay and take advantage of his presence in the newspaper. Tri Le questioned Resnek’s assertion for a commission, stating that the sale was due to a referral from Tri Le’s friend Wayne.

Resnek replied that it wasn’t about the commission, but, if you can believe it, his (Tri Le’s) “aura” in the community, City Hall and newspaper. Tri Le responded by emailing that he felt that any sale he makes would be a conflict between him and Resnek, and he didn’t want to have to dispute that in the future.

Sensing the relationship was going south due to his shenanigans publishing inflammatory articles about the mayor, Resnek attempted to spins yarn about his reputation, telling Tri Le that, “he’s not Carlo DeMaria” – and that he didn’t go around ripping people off and making false promises; then he attempted to shame Tri Le and his City Council colleagues for not calling out the mayor on his longevity pay. “You have words about being worried about me wanting to steal your commission but not a word about the mayor’s racism, his theft from Sergio, his fraud with the longevity and his mistreatment of women,” cried Resnek.

In a truly laughable moment, Resnek stated, “You can’t find a person living or dead who can point to a dispute I had with them about money.” Unless you count the former co-owners at the Independent Newspaper Group, where he had taken a $250,000 payment from a New York vendor for the City of Boston, which was cause for his termination – or his two personal bankruptcies for millions of dollars.

Tri Le doesn’t know how lucky he was leaving the sinking ship that is now facing an expanded lawsuit for libel and slander of the mayor.

Depositions should be starting up again soon as more questions will be asked from the Fishwrap’s “investigative reporter.” The Everett Advocate will keep you posted.


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