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Resnek’s Son Testifies: My Father States Falsehoods and Just “Doesn’t Care”

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Publisher’s statements suggest fraudulent bankruptcy filings

  Jacob Resnek, son of Everett Leader Herald publisher Joshua Resnek, delivered his witness testimony in a deposition in the ongoing Defamation lawsuit filed by Mayor Carlo DeMaria against the newspaper, Resnek, Matthew Philbin, Andrew Philbin, Sr., and Sergio Cornelio.

  In his deposition testimony earlier this week, Resnek’s son and supposed business partner Jacob testified that all of his father’s sworn testimony and statements about his ownership interest in GlobeX Services and Solutions LLC and income from GlobeX were false. According to Resnek’s son’s testimony, therefore, it would appear that either the elder Resnek filed fraudulent statements with the Bankruptcy Court, seemingly in order to conceal his assets from creditors, or he has been lying under oath, and otherwise, about his role in and income from a number of business entities. Resnek’s son, Jacob, does not know anything about his father’s Bankruptcy Court filings, he said, but stated that every time his father testified or represented that he owned interests in these companies and was receiving income from them, he was lying.

  Joshua Resnek, who testified that he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in revenue from various contracts given to companies that he owns with his son, Jacob, also has sent emails representing to family members and others that he owns these companies and has been receiving huge amounts of money from them. Resnek’s bankruptcy filings in 2017, which were filed under oath (under the pains and penalties of perjury) with the United States Bankruptcy Court, disclose none of that income. Similarly, Resnek continues to state on his Leader Herald biography and Linkedin profile that he is and has been the President of GlobeX Services and Solutions LLC, which he also omitted in his sworn filings with the Bankruptcy Court.

  In a March 17, 2021, email to his cousin, Frank Resnek, Joshua Resnek claimed that his son, Jacob, is a millionaire and they both share a company, GlobeX Services and Solutions LLC – receiving through the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino management contracts to place solar-powered barrels on Boston streets, netting millions of dollars. Resnek’s son testified that it was not true and that he never received a contract from the City of Boston, and he claimed to have stopped paying his father in 2014 and that he only paid him less than $100,000 between 2012 and 2014. Jacob Resnek testified, instead, that he was a subcontractor who placed advertising and maintains the trash barrels for another company, and that there never was any contract with the City of Boston.

  He then claimed that his company, which he alone formed in 2012, had the City of Cambridge as a customer, which he stated he received a few months ago but hasn’t received any business from. Resnek says he only gets paid when he installs an advertisement or fixes the trash cans throughout the state, which belong to BigBelly Solar. When asked about his father’s statement to his cousin that Menino gave him (Joshua) and Jacob their management contract for 600 pieces; and that he (Jacob) has built the company to 19 communities reaping $1 million in revenue – netting $400,000 per year – Joshua Resnek stated to the mayor’s attorney that his father’s claims were “false.”

  The witness was then asked about a second exhibit of a copy of a letter his father sent him in 2019 addressed to a person named “Dick” with his father writing that he has “600 pieces of street furniture (trash receptacles) in Boston for the past decade. We have apprised Lisa of this in detail. She said she’d put our proposal in front of you after getting back to us yesterday.”

  “Was that a false statement?” asked Attorney Jeffery Robbins. “Correct,” replied Resnek.

  “Did you contact your father and ask him why he makes false statements?’ asked the attorney.


  “Why not?” asked Atty. Robbins. “I don’t know, “replied Resnek.

  “Well, you’ve just – we’ve just seen four false statements that he’s made in two documents, correct?” “Correct,” he stated.

  The questioning turned to his ownership of GlobeX and when he stopped paying his father, by checks payable to his father, in 2014. The son stated that when he stopped paying him, they had a falling out, that he wasn’t happy with him.

  In the third exhibit, the mayor’s attorneys presented emails from May 2021 between his father and a friend, where Resnek writes that he and his son, Jacob, have reaped thousands in crypto currency, calling it the “new bullion” – saying that he and his son already have a “12,000% profit since January.”

  “I am not adrift with the crypto thing,” Resnek writes. “It cost so little and we have so much that if its cut in half, who cares.”

  Resnek continues about the benefits of owning crypto, despite its instability, stating, “At the end of the day, I can tell my wife it was a nice day. We have $10,000 more in one of our accounts at the end of the day that the beginning! Very nice.”

  Jacob testified that he was aware that his father had purchased crypto currency on Coinbase but had no idea how much. When asked if he and his father shared any accounts, Resnek replied that they didn’t.

  But in his email, his father states, “…my son Jacob and I own 1,034,000 Doge Coin. Please allow me to enumerate. Jacob owns 1 million at .00002 per Doge which he bought seven years ago. I own 34,000 I bought at .02 three months ago.”

  Asked if this was a false statement, Resnek replied it was a false statement. “I don’t own anything with my father. Anything. Nothing,” he replied.

  Resnek was then asked if he was aware of his father’s bio listed on the Everett Leader Herald’s website. Resnek stated that he did and stated that it was full of falsehoods. In the bio, the paper states that “He is active presently and serves as the President of GlobeX Services & Solutions, LLC, a Boston-based media and management company owned by his son Jacob Resnek and which represents a variety of companies including Vector Media of New York and PassPort Parking as well as the city of Boston.”

  When asked what falsehood was printed in the bio, Resnek stated that his father was president of GlobeX. “Every bit of that is false?” asked Atty. Robbins.

  “Hundred percent,” replied Resnek. “It’s false.”

  Resnek testified that he told his father to take that statement down, but he refused him, stating to his son, that “he didn’t care.”

  “Did you tell him you were angry?” asked the attorney.  “Yes.”

  “And what did he say?” “He doesn’t care,” replied Resnek.

  Asked about his father’s claim of representing Vector Media of NY and PassPort Parking, Resnek stated that he fixed trash cans for Vector Media and that PassPort was a venture his father may have had – but he was not sure – performing consulting work from approximately 2013-2014. “And was he earning income from that?” asked the attorney. “Yes,” responded Resnek.

  “Has your father ever worked at GlobeX Services & Solutions?” “No,” stated Resnek.

  In another exhibit, Resnek is shown his father’s LinkedIn, where he makes the same claim of being president of GlobeX Services & Solutions. Again, the son asked his father, only recently, according to Resnek, to remove that statement from his social media site. “Are you offended by his dishonesty of the representations here?” asked Atty. Robbins. “It bothers me as his son,” said Resnek.

  Atty. Robbins then reads his father’s testimony from his sworn deposition on June 3, 2022, where he confirms that he and his son received a contract in 2012 from Mayor Tom Menino, and that they have received $500,000 in a year; $250,000 post pandemic. “Is that a false statement under oath by your father?” asked the attorney. “That is a false statement,” replied Resnek.

  When asked if his father’s testimony of receiving a percentage of each fee generated by Boston’s 10,000 parking meters through his arrangement with Passport Parking, the younger Resnek answered, “at one time” but the arrangement may have ended “some time ago.”

  Resnek was asked if he knew that his father had filed for bankruptcy in 2017. He stated that his father confirmed that but never showed him any of the filings.

  Resnek was then asked if had heard of Joseph O’Donnell – if he had ever met him. Resnek stated that he heard of him through his father, that he was a rich man, but he didn’t know how close he and his father were. He was asked if he was aware of any business dealing or a manuscript by his father that he was pitching to O’Donnell about the Wynn casino license that included fictitious anecdotes about the mayor. Resnek stated he was aware of the manuscript, which his father had mailed to him, but never opened or read it because he didn’t read books.

  He stated that he knew his father wrote the Everett newspaper for Matthew Philbin, whom he had met on a couple of occasions, and that he also received drafts of the newspaper on an email chain, but “almost never” read them.

  Resnek stated that his father has talked a lot about the mayor, stating, “It’s the only thing he talks about for years now.” When asked why he talks about the mayor for so long, Resnek replied, “It’s his job. He writes a newspaper in Everett, and its – he’s made this a political newspaper.”

  Asked if he knew in conversations with his father that he wanted to defeat the mayor, Resnek replied that that statement was correct. “Would you agree that your father is obsessed with Carlo DeMaria?” asked the attorney. “Yes,” he replied.

  “And have you asked him why he’s so obsessed with Carlo DeMaria? “It’s just his job,” replied Resnek.

  Atty. Robbins asked Resnek if he ever asked his father to provide him with any evidence backing any of his statements that he made about the mayor, Resnek answered that he didn’t care about DeMaria or Everett, stating, “I live in Chelsea. Okay.”

  The witness was then asked why he wrote in an Oct. 21, 2021, email to his father complaining about a Boston Globe article he felt was positive towards the mayor, writing, “What’s up with this fluff piece?”

  Despite feigning his indifference towards “anything Everett or the mayor” in his father’s articles, the witness admitted that he was well aware of his father’s attempts to get The Boston Globe reporter Andrea Estes to write critical stories on the mayor. “He told you that repeatedly?” asked the attorney. “Over and over,” replied Resnek.

  Resnek said that his father talked about the mayor so much that he didn’t know what to listen to.

  In reference to the positive article in The Boston Globe towards the mayor, Resnek stated to his father, “He just doesn’t know what you have planned.” When asked about that statement, Resnek said it was probably another story that’s going to come out about the mayor.

  “Because your father had told you that he had some stuff planned which he hoped would defeat the mayor, correct?” asked Atty. Robbins. “Yes,” he replied.

  The questions turn to his father’s publishing of the “Blue Suit” articles – where he applauds his father for one particular article where he makes accusations of criminal behavior by the mayor. Asked if he believes the “Blue Suit” articles have any effect on the way the mayor is perceived in the city, Resnek stated he agrees.

  “Your father has indicated to you that he hopes that his articles about DeMaria are having an effect on DeMaria, correct?” “Yes,” answered Resnek.

  When Jacob was shown a Dec. 22, 2020, email between his father and Matthew Philbin saying, “Only the mayor matters and we’re out to get him,” and “We will crush this guy. We are crushing this guy,” the attorney asked, “Your father has said that to you as well?” “Yes,” replied Resnek.

  Resnek was asked about his father’s emails to his relative Frank Resnek, where his father states that his son has a net worth of $12 million. “Was that a false statement, too?” asked Atty. Robbins. “Very false,” answered Resnek.

  “Your father does seem prone to making false statements. Am I right?” asked the attorney. “I don’t know about prone, but there have been some false statements, yes.”

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