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  On Monday evening, the Everett School Committee voted 6-4 to not renew Supt. of Everett Public Schools Prihya Tahiliani’s contract and reign of terror in Everett after three years of wreaking havoc, dissention and despair, all the while embracing the corrupt reporter Josh Resnek and the Everett Leader Herald’s false accusations of racism against the mayor and the city. This flunky from Boston Public Schools who, according to sources, was an absolute disaster as head of the ESL (English as a Second Language) department before she was gifted the Everett supt.’s job thanks to former school board member Thomas Abbruzzese, who the voters thanked by ousting him in the last election. Tahiliani never passed on the opportunity to create turmoil and division throughout her three contentious years in Everett; from shuffling dedicated and hard-working administrators and teachers throughout the school system to casting the evil eye on anyone she thought was part of the former administration – which was everyone from the teachers to the janitors. Before her arrival, you could eat off the floor in any of the schools due to their cleanliness – now, the rodents are eating off the desks in the classrooms. But what’s even more shameful, is her lack of professionalism and disregard for the high school students’ safety and well-being when she forced beloved and respected professional administrators to walk allowing for an upsurge in fights and guns and knives suddenly appearing in police reports. There was one incident where a young woman was shot in the head after school thanks to an ongoing dispute between an Everett male student and a Malden youth. There has also been reports of one particular student who was reportedly given a slap on the wrist on multiple occasions for assaulting a female student at the high school and a senior citizen at Glendale Park – again with no consequences according to our source. But you won’t read that in the Uber Liberal Boston Globe or the Leader Herald as they are way too busy printing what the corrupt Resnek calls “BS” – which was how he referred to his own decrepit stories in his testimony in the ongoing lawsuit between Resnek, Philbin and the Fishwrap and Mayor Carlo DeMaria. Tahiliani appears to enjoy tossing the race card in any direction as long as it suits her purpose – especially when she can pull the students out of class to hold signs in front of city hall after the school board legitimately voted not to renew her contract. She did this twice in order to embarrass the mayor and the city council. Why? Because in the three and a half years as supt., she has nothing to show for accomplishments other than lawsuits, bad test scores, and unsanitary schools. But in her defense, she does have an award presented to her by a mentor for just having the job. What a joke! And what about the phony MCAD lawsuit filed by the soon-to-be-outgoing superintendent? It’s all based on lies printed by the Lyin’ Leader publisher Resnek where she accuses the mayor of spying on her claiming that he installed security cameras in the administration office on Vine Street. But there’s one problem which she knows all too well with her accusation – the cameras were installed by the former supt. because someone was using the office computers without authorization. The cameras were installed for ONE DAY and disconnected the NEXT DAY after the person was caught using the office computer for personal use – years before Tahiliani’s arrival to Everett. The Advocate made an effort to contact the attorney general’s office but refused to comment on their “investigation”. Plus, the truth doesn’t fit Tahiliani’s ongoing narrative of the “mayor is a racist” card. She would rather reign by creating a negative environment for the teachers and administrators, and use the students for her own political agenda – offering nothing positive in terms of learning or achievement. Allowing students to walk out of class on two occasions while holding signs to demonstrate against the city under false claims of racism is something the supt., Resnek and the local plug-uglies love. These are the same people who show up at the city council and school board meetings, some with criminal records – and the majority without children in the school system. They’re the only ones outside of the Resnek’s flunkies that are making static and wreaking havoc – but only in the pages of the Lying Leader Herald and sad social media page. Funny how that is. The parents of Everett’s school system, in one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in America should be the one’s outside protesting Tahiliani who in three years has proven to be failing their children. It’s truly sad and shameful when we see someone in a position of power – who oversees what the next generations will learn in order to become learned human beings – only to be used as pawns by a self-serving political hack. Let’s hope the city of Somerville offers her the job that she’s been padding her resume for. To the soon-to-be outgoing supt.: How we gonna’ miss you if you don’t go away?

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