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Time to shutdown Resnek and Marchese’s circus

  Well folks, it looks as though #TeamCapone has morphed into #TeamResnek – or maybe it has always been #TeamResnek – as we watch the team of snowflakes waste everyone’s time at the City Council and School Committee meetings: empty heads echoing nonsense. It’s actually a laugh riot to watch Councillor Mike Marchese having to hold his nose as he stands firm with the local criminal element that went from holding signs for former mayoral candidate Fred Capone to ranting and raving against Mayor Carlo DeMaria. Pathetic – but that’s the Marchese way: hide in plain sight and mail anonymous letters with your attorney brother’s money.

  But #TeamResnek is still whistling past the graveyard pretending to be a newspaper publisher despite admitting in depositions that he lied, fabricated and made up stories against the mayor and other city officials under the direction of his boss, Matt Philbin. And speaking of the Philbins, they’re all hiding from the subpoenas served by the mayor’s attorneys because they’ll have to tell the truth. They should dub themselves #TeamRatnek after Josh Resnek’s lifelong nickname – when he was writing fiction in Chelsea and was a political loser as he is in Everett.

  Back to Mike, he’s now running against his old friend, Representative Joseph McGonagle, for the state representative seat, running Resnek-style ads in the Fishwrap, hoping that no one bothers to ask him about his once popular bar, McDonald’s Cafe on Ferry Street, when in 2003 the state police and DEA arrested eight people, including an auxiliary police officer, on drug charges. According to the Feb. 1, 2003, Boston Globe article, the bar was targeted because neighbors complained about “open drug transactions” going on for years – all while Mike was an alderman in the city. After the state shut down Marchese’s neighborhood hell hole, he went into hiding by taking a “no show” job with the Hanlon administration until the coast was clear – most likely at his real home in Florida. But fast forward to 2022 and Mike is riding #TeamResnek with the rest of the reprobates, including one Chris Lind (Billerica House of Corrections #088228), who’s doing time for felonies which may or may not include kidnapping, firearms violations, harassment, and assault with a dangerous weapon. Under the Everett Reporter Facebook page (see inset), Raymond is asking all #TeamCapone “people” to write his pal Lind as he passes time in the slammer. Truly a #TeamResnek team player.

  Sadly, this is what Everett has become – a traveling circus sideshow with Philbin as the ringmaster and Resnek as the clown – and Marchese is the bear riding the bicycle: a spectacle to behold. And shame on Marchese for letting Ratnek and Philbin falsely paint the city racist – all in the name of “get the mayor” at any costs. This isn’t the real Everett, folks, and despite their lunatic ravings and fake news, it never will be. It’s time to remove these scurrilous political bozos once and for all – so let’s start with Marchese in November. Good riddance to the Marchese and Ratnek circus act. —JDM

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