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Sounds of Everett

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Rep. Joe McGonagle deserves re-election

Just thinking folks….Mayor DeMaria brought the casino to Everett while bringing millions to the city as part of the agreement with the casino owners.. Meanwhile, the Philbins bought the fishwrap on Church Street, and hired Josh Ratnek to get the mayor out of office. That failed, of course.  Ratnek pounded the mayor in the fishwrap, week after week, which made fools out of the Philbins and Ratnek with their scurrilous lies and yellow journalism.  Now, because the mayor supports the reelection of Rep. Joe McGonagle, McGonagle is their new target.

   The Everett Advocate endorses Rep. McGonagle who has earned reelection, while bringing millions in state aid to Everett.  That folks, is public record.  Marchese doesn’t work, he collects rents and does no heavy lifting, of course.  He owned and sold the “drug place” on Ferry Street which was raided by the state police and Feds.  Eight people were arrested.  Marchese has bonded with Josh Ratnek, who admits during his latest deposition that in every article about the mayor, he lied and fabricated stories – for years on end. The Philibins want to run the city.  It’s all about power, money and influence. On Election Day, Nov. 8 get them before they ruin the city.  Give Rep. McGonagle your vote.  He’s earned it.  Mike Marchese is just another stooge for Ratnek, the Philbins’ and the fishwrap. And that folks, is the Truth.

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