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~Sounds of Everett~

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What support?

  It doesn’t surprise anyone that Gerly Adrien has publicly endorsed Fred Capone for mayor. So has her cousin and council candidate Guerline Alcy. Wow, another big surprise. So, now the related twosome will try to persuade the Haitians in Everett to give Capone their votes on Nov. 2. Maybe, they haven’t heard that Gerly was absent at most of the council meetings at City Hall. Councillor-at-Large candidate Guerline Alcy said in her endorsement of Capone that if elected with Capone “Alcy will be an agent of change. Most of the people in Everett don’t want change in the city. Just wait and watch the change for Alcy at the Election Day voting. Just wait.”


The Fishwrap Follies

  The Fishwrap on Wednesdays – the TRUTH ON FRIDAYS. That’s the difference between The Fishwrap  with its head flounder Ratnick at the Church Street political house of horrors under the control of Resnek the mudslinger, who’s being paid by the Philbins to continue the lies about the mayor to get control of the city through the Mayor’s Office. The Philbins live in Lynnfield. They made their money in Everett but they chose to live elsewhere. Ratnick’s first choice in the primary for mayor was Gerly Adrian, and now the mudslinger is using Capone as a puppet to get the mayor. It’s obvious.

  What surprises me the most is Freddie cozying up to the unethical Ratnick and the Philbin’s Fishwrap. Resnek’s “rag” of lies and Capone’s new political love fest puts Capone in the arms of the mudslinger. So, don’t be fooled, folks. Ratnick, Capone, councillor and cousin Gerly Adrien and Guerline Alcy and the Philbins of Lynnfield have ganged-up on the mayor to take City Hall.

  Keep the city on the move – Vote to re-elect Mayor Carlo DeMaria on Nov. 2

Empty blue suit to the cleaners

  And by the way, it’s time Ratnick sends his empty blue suit to the cleaners to get the mud he throws at the mayor off of it. Talking to an empty blue suit makes Ratnick certifiable and a fruitcake. And keep in mind, folks, whomever he supports they lose.

  As far as I know, Freddie Capone hasn’t publicly said he’d give up his law practice for the full-time mayor’s job. It’s not like Capone going to court for a client; the mayor’s job is a full-time job serving the people of Everett 24 hours a day. Mayor DeMaria has proven he’s up to the task and then some, but we don’t know if Capone is?

  Keep the city on the move – Vote to re-elect Mayor Carlo DeMaria on Nov. 2


The TRUTH is always worth repeating

  Josh Resnek aka Ratnek, with the Philbins’ FISHWRAP on Church St., has lied about the mayor in just about every edition, hoping to plant in voters’ minds that the voters will swallow his GARBAGE and vote for the two inexperienced candidates, Capone and Gerly, whom he now praises every week in the fishwrap on Church Street. Resnek continually praises the mayor’s opponents with lies, lies and more lies about the mayor. His fishwrap is a laughing stock in the area. What can the mayor’s opponent do that the mayor hasn’t already done? The fishwrap is a joke. It’s a comic book of lies. Don’t be fooled by Resnek, the fishwrap and the Philbins’ vendetta to “get” the mayor. VOTE TO RE-ELECT THE MAYOR. He’s put Everett on the map with the casino, giving back millions in new taxes.

  Ratnek is a political wannabe that has been bounced out of every newspaper he’s worked at. The Philbins can have him. He’s as greedy as his keepers with scurrilous remarks about the mayor. Sooner or later Ratnek will fall on his face with his farce of a newspaper. How long can the Philbins keep backing a loser? Everett should stick with a winner – Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

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