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SOUNDS OF EVERETT – Talk about name-calling…here’s some names for ya

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By James Mitchell


During Monday night’s usual dumpster fire at the School Committee meeting, or as its now called, Public Participation by Team Capone, the usual suspects were back at it again, making the usual noise of ”we hate the mayor” – you know, to help the children of Everett. What a joke!

This crew of Tahiliani cheerleaders would do anything to return her to her throne of disaster. But alas, the school board had the guts and common sense not to renew her contract. And to show you just how smart she and her band of slackers are, they believe that she could actually become a candidate for her old position. And why, in God’s name, would the School Committee – who decided not to renew her contract – allow her to become a candidate for a job she failed at and was never qualified? Sorry, Team Capone, but all the fake news from the Fishwrap’s corrupt reporter Josh Resnek and Tahiliani’s double-dipping Communications Director David O’Connor cannot whitewash this superintendent’s lack of qualifications, test scores and shameless self-promoting at the expense of the high school students.

Imagine, this crew is upset over the name-calling. I wonder how upset they were when the Everett Leader Herald’s corrupt publisher, Josh Resnek, was writing disgusting lies about the mayor. Not so much, is my guess. What hypocrites. My advice to Tahiliani and her gang: Get out of politics if you can’t take it.

And about those names, let’s see, where do we start? How about Tony “The Razor” Raymond; former convicted bank robber in 2004 and jailed for contempt in a 2005 Federal arson case, with a rap sheet filled of crimes such as assault & battery. He is also the genius behind the Facebook page, The Everett Reporter, which published all the fake stories by the Everett Leader Herald about the mayor, and calls on all his “Team Capone” members to write to his prison pals and show up to all City Council and School Committee meetings to intimidate their members.

Another hater is Paula Sterite, who actually asked the school board on Monday night what qualifies them to grade the superintendent. Well, Paula, the answer to that question is the school board members were actually elected by the people – you know, through the Democratic Process of elections; and that’s their job. I guess Paula won’t be invited to any Mensa meetings.

And then we have local businesswoman, Reading, Mass., resident and head mayor hater Sandy Juliano, who could be seen sitting at the feet of her beloved supt. as she shouted into the bullhorn outside City Hall calling for all the racists to resign as a large number of high school students just dropped their signs and walked away thanks to their early release. Must have been a field trip on self-serving propaganda. Funny how so many of the signs the students were carrying read, “Priya For Everett.” Even before the School Committee decided to give you the boot, you needed to get the kids involved – and The Boston Globe. Pathetic – but I guess if you can’t do the job – then create a diversion. Nothing to see here, parents.

There are more bad actors for the good folks of Everett to know – all one has to do is watch with disgust, mind you, the “Public Participation” during the City council and School Committee meetings to see the same bad actors talking trash about their own city – and demanding a return of this phony school supt. who would never have qualified for the position to begin with in any city or town had it not have been for a former School Committee member whose kid needed to stay on the public payroll despite his serious legal issues. And that doesn’t include his two other sons, daughter-in-law, and nephew who are also on the school dept. payroll. Thankfully, the voters kicked him to the curb in the last election. And if they’re still paying attention, they’ll do it again come November when the voters remind Tom Abbruzzese – and the Team Capone circus – that their wretched act has gotten old.

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