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The 8/10 Bar and Grille Won’t Feel the Same Without Richie

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  Several years back after moving to East Boston, I discovered the 8/10 Bar and Grille located at 810 Norwood St. just outside Everett Square and met up with Richie Sasso. Always found him to be a friendly guy and gracious, too.

  I ended up being a regular at this joint with my friends Johnny 2 Dog from Eastie and Richie Polito plus Robio Lunetta – Eastie homeboys who ended up in next door Revere. Probably ate there twice a week but especially on Fridays because it was always Fish Day at the 8/10 on Fridays. Best fish ever. Large portions, great tasting food and the price is always just right.

  When I heard that Richie fought his good fight against diabetes for as long as he could, it was sad to hear that “Sugar” finally got him and he was only 62 years old. I have the “Sugar,” which is why I gave up fried fish there and replaced it with a great plate of broiled fish, which is always the best ever at the 8/10, of course, on Friday nights.

  Richie had owned and operated this restaurant for 16 years and passed away right after Thanksgiving Day. He was always a hard worker and knew what it took to build up a successful business.

  I was glad to see that the Everett City Council honored Richie’s memory at its recent Council hearing. It was a good gesture from council members. Surely, it was of great comfort to his family, many friends and all his regular customers, like me.

  I returned to the 8/10 last Friday evening, December 2 because I wanted to return to say my goodbye to Richie, too and, of course, have another plate of broiled fish, too. I spoke with a few of the regular customers in the dining area near me and we spoke with sadness on the passing of Richie.

  It had been a while since I dined at Richie’s place. I often dined there with many friends, but when Johnny 2 Dog and Richie Polito both passed away over the past couple of years, it didn’t feel the same without pigging out on some great dishes in a great place without them. I returned to honor Richie, and I am sure I will return again and again because this is my favorite spot in Everett to dine out with new friends or even by myself.

  Richie Sasso, R.I.P.

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