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The Weigh Forward

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  Many people begin the year with a strong start towards goals for their health, careers and relationships. But something happens, or stops happening, usually about six to eight weeks into the year. They miss a goal or take a short cut (such as driving or taking the bus rather than walking uphill both ways on Broadway). And they lose focus.

  One of the mistakes people make is that they assume fitness goals are fixed. In reality, it is not a question of reaching a goal and resting.

  Similarly, fitness goals have to be maintained. (Losing weight is one thing. But if somebody reverts to their old habits after reaching their goal, they will return to their previous weight.)

  My name is Sam Amado. Like many people, I have succeeded and struggled with fitness and weight loss.

  As an athlete, I have qualified for global competitions. As a trainer, I have been part of, and run, exercise programs. And there have been times when I avoided stepping on a scale, because I did not need (or want) to know the number. I have had to find a way to safely run classes over the last two years. (COVID-19 is not only more dangerous for people who are overweight; it made losing the weight more difficult.)

  We use a range of weights, bikes and other equipment (including a 3D body scanner) to help our clients reach their goals in one-on-one or group classes that can be mixed, matched or customized based on clients’ goals.

  Over the next few weeks, this column will offer instruction and encouragement on setting and reaching your fitness goals over the course of 2022.

  Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.

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