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They called it a Holocaust: Resnek and Philbin wreaked havoc on the mayor, city with lies

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By James Mitchell


They say that history “tends to repeat itself” and that “words can come back to haunt you”; and yet how true those phrases turned out to be for the Everett Leader Herald newspaper’s corrupt publisher/reporter Joshua Resnek and his close friend, Supt. Priya Tahiliani’s Communications Director David O’Conner, when the latter reminded Resnek of his “sickening work” that he was doing to Mayor Carlo DeMaria, his family and the city.

In his fifth deposition over a week ago, Resnek was questioned about an email sent by O’Connor, the former double-dipping writer for the newspaper and the school dept. when he reminded Resnek of his description of the damage he was causing the mayor, stating the holocaust he was doing to DeMaria through his stories and editorials.

Being Jewish, Resnek immediately paused during his deposition to repeatedly state that his reference to the holocaust, where millions of Jews were systemically murdered by the Nazi’s during World War II, was never meant to be in reference to and that he apologized for using the word.

But it was clear that he was proud to use the word to describe the voracity to which his lies and fabricated stories about the mayor, his administration and the city as a whole was causing.

Resnek believed that the city was, thanks to the mayor, a racist and sexist stronghold by creating false narratives through former city employees who lied about allegations against the mayor.

It was Resnek’s vulgar and decrepit stories that allowed the grossly unqualified Supt. of Schools to file empty lawsuits against the mayor for racism and discrimination over security cameras that hadn’t worked in over a decade before her arrival to Everett and her ouster by the school board for not renewing her contract.

In a city that is more diverse than any city in America, Resnek reaped his holocaust upon the mayor and the city for almost four dark years leading up the 2021 election.

I wondered of his circus of clowns that applauded Resnek during their weekly meetings upstairs in the real estate office in Everett Square before they scurried off like rats for Ratnek.

Imagine the disgraceful behavior during last week’s city council meeting when a sexual assault victim was threatened by an angry speaker during the public participation session prior to the start of the meeting when he shouted at Councillor Stephanie Martins that her admitted attacker would be back in the same council chambers; a blatant threat to physical and emotional wellbeing.

And shame on those city councillors that stood by and said NOTHING.

The court only days later, continued without a finding, Councillor Jimmy Tri Le’s count of indecent assault & battery which will continue his absence from the council chambers after admitting to the charge.

And in what day and age would a council president or fellow female councillors sit idly by while a sickening verbal threat took place in plain sight? Inexcusable.

Once again, the sad circus continues – same bad actors at the council meetings and school board meetings, ranting and raving just to hear their own voices. Cheering on a school supt. who has failed the children of Everett for years; only seeking compensation, publicity and awards for continued low test scores, discontent, and discrimination lawsuits. And like the unfortunate high school students on what she determined to be a “Homecoming” instead was an absolute embarrassment as hundreds of high school students marched in the pouring rain at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon to the stadium for a 7:00 pm football game. Everett’s schools are no longer Everett’s pride – not in a long time and that’s a terrible shame. And to think she believes she should be allowed to be reconsidered for a job that she was fired from. Everett once held a citywide Homecoming on a Saturday with marching bands, local youth organizations, and students representing their schools as they walked with pride on Broadway to the stadium.

I guess she believes her circus of n’er do wells will keep up the harassment at the school board meetings will work in her best interests. I highly doubt that – the parents, and the students are catching on – she’s just too arrogant to notice while her circus runs interference.

And just like Resnek and Everett Leader Herald owners Matthew and Andrew Philbin, who unleashed their holocaust without remorse on the city for years, the clowns disrupt, intimidate, and spew lies and hate whether in person or on social media.

Words do come back to haunt; just ask Resnek and Philbin. They declared war on the mayor, his family, and the people of Everett years ago – all for their own interests – and they lost.

It’s only a matter of time before Tahiliani takes her circus back over the bridge – except the clowns will most likely be left standing abandoned at the Boston/Everett line. She wouldn’t want such a spectacle coming to her town – and they know it.

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