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Risks by the Numbers

  Last week’s article on working out safely might have been somewhat discouraging. (The prospect of brain swelling caused by dehydration might be daunting for even the heartiest among us.)

  This week’s article is about how exercise and fitness are safer than the alternatives. A cynical person might see this week’s installment as an attempt to scare people into fitness after possibly scaring them away last week. But there is data to support the idea that fitness is safer than the alternatives. (Meaning that you should be scared, and that we can help.)

  One relatively easy way to reduce the risk of weight-related maladies (diabetes, hypertension, arthritis) is by losing ~10 pounds.

  While Type 2 diabetes is often considered the “easier” diabetes, it can get worse over time, and become the (more serious) Type 1. Left unchecked, diabetes can lead to blindness, loss of appendages and/or kidney failure (which are unpleasant enough to make the consequences of working out too hard seem easier to deal with).

  According to Web MD, losing ~10 pounds greatly reduces the risk of contracting diabetes, and makes existing diabetes easier to manage. According to Web MD, that same ~10 pounds of weight loss takes ~40 pounds of pressure off your joints, increasing your mobility. (As a bonus, increased mobility makes it easier to get/remain in shape.)

  One way to lose that weight is to reduce the saturated fats (red meat, fried food) in your diet, replacing it with healthier protein (whey, fish, leaner meats) and fiber from vegetables (beans, peas, barley).

  Reducing cholesterol and weight can reduce your blood pressure and risk of a heart attack. It can also help you to sleep better.

  Working to lose 10 pounds can reduce your risks. Do not let this scare you. Let it inspire you.

  Be safe. Be sensible. And, remember, the world might be a scary place. But being healthier means fewer risks, and makes it easier to run away when you need to.

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