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Weigh Better U

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The Studio

For a semi-regular column about physical fitness, there is an awful lot of emotion in these weekly words.

We have talked about shame (about our health), fear (to inspire us to be healthier), optimism (about getting healthier) and now…pride (about how we can help people get healthier).

Not gonna lie. This article is about bragging. Bragging about what the other trainers and I have built, what we are doing and all of the cool toys that we have at our Main Street studio.

While there is nothing wrong with working out independently, there are advantages to working out at a studio. The most obvious advantage is having a trainer to offer guidance and advice during a workout. (This guidance includes anything from safety advice to optimizing the workout for maximum return.) There is also a social advantage to working out with friends.

More tangibly, a studio offers infrastructure (700+ feet of space for equipment) that most people do not have (especially in metro Boston).

We have the expected compliment of free-weights, squat racks, bikes, an elliptical machine and a treadmill to help with the traditional goals of building strength and building cardio.

The Weigh Better U studio also has several sets of TRX ropes for lower impact routines (or warming up for high-impact workouts). We also have a “seated assisted abdominal trainer,” aka a “crunch chair.” This is useful for people who are not able to exercise on the floor (or may prefer not to). However, people who prefer a more traditional workout can use our regularly cleaned workout mats.

One of our more advanced pieces of hardware is the Fit3D body scanner, which records a full-body scan of the user’s weight, height, body-mass, posture and general profile. (The information is used to track/document your progress over time.)

Another piece of advanced hardware at Weigh Better U is the Whole Body Vibration machine. Standing on this machine for 15 minutes a day can help with burning calories (through the effort of maintaining balance while the machine shakes) while increasing flexibility and enhancing blood flow before a workout. (After a workout, the same machine can be used to reduce muscle soreness.)

(If people want to improve their balance before shaking themselves to fitness, we have bosu balls for traditional balance exercises.)

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to schedule an appointment to stop by and play with our toys. We are easy enough to find. There is limited parking at Santana Plaza; it is not impossible to find nonmetered parking in the area; we are near several bus lines, or you could walk (which is the healthiest choice).

Be healthy,

Sam Amado

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