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You’re not fooling anyone, Resnek

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  A recall being born – what a joke. That’s the headline by the self-proclaimed “wordsmith” and fiction writer Josh Resnek, the admitted phony publisher and slanderous reporter of the Leader Herald who writes the fake news about the mayor. The Philbin family disgrace, who would rather burn down the city, as they falsely paint it as racist week after week – Fred Capone must be proud.

  The peanut gallery that attended the recent City Council meetings at City Hall – many with criminal records – continue their whining, screaming and yelling accusations and insults for Resnek, as they stamp their little feet due to their candidate’s loss at the polls. How pathetic.

  It’s incredible to realize that anyone could testify in a deposition (Resnek’s nonstop admissions of lying and fabricating stories) without a single shred of evidence – and that he still believes what he writes is relevant. As long as Philbin’s money keeps rolling in – he’ll keep believing he is.

  Philbin’s little pity party – you can just imagine seeing them all sitting around the desk upstairs in an Everett Square office wringing their hands as they listen to their loser leader making his scurrilous little plans. I wonder how they would feel if their family suffered the same harassment by such reprobates – without an ounce of honesty, integrity or humanity. Like their ilk leadership – it’s all about the money.

  Resnek has a professional track record of being fired from just about every job he’s ever had due to claims of sexual harassment from Regan Communications, fabricating stories and accepting money from a Boston company that violated his former company’s ethical policy – a company he once had ownership in until he was shown the door. It’s Resnek’s MO: anything for a dollar.

  His master, Matt Philbin – flush with pot cash from his dispensary in Portland, Maine, and his apartment building on Revere Beach – just wants to destroy the mayor at any cost.

  In his sad story of Capone’s 2021 loss by 210 votes to the mayor, Resnek claims “Capone is supportive of the recall effort” but will not take a public stand. My guess, knowing the former councillor as I do, is that even he knows not to stand next to a dumpster fire like Resnek and his band of nitwits.

  His other front-page trash piece has a developer making a contribution to the mayor’s campaign fund. In all the year’s reporting in Revere, Resnek never mentioned how Global Oil makes donations to the majority of the city councillors and mayors despite a grassroots protest years ago to get Global out of Revere. Nothing to see there, folks.

  Like Resnek writes in his fake articles, wait until next week when he drops some bombs with witness testimony against the mayor, which of course, never happened on two occasions leading up to the election. It’s Resnek’s modus operandi: Write the lies and hope the readers are dumb enough to believe them. Judging from the election’s outcome – they were not.

  Well, we’ve got some bombs to drop, too – on the gang Resnek hangs out with.

  I actually have notes, legitimate documents – not like the kind Resnek claimed to have (fake ones written after-the-fact which he attested to as he lied under oath, over and over again, in the recent June depositions). I’ve made my own discoveries: criminal records of these hacks Resnek and Philbin use to create havoc at the City Council meetings.

  And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget Supt. of Schools Priya Tahiliani, who demanded a contract extension based on creating her own havoc within the school district. Tahiliani doesn’t have any answers for the students running around the high school with handguns and Tasers – not a word about that. But not to worry – we have the police reports. That’s the difference between the Fishwrap and The Advocate – we can actually back it up with proof.

  Sadly, all this out-of-touch school superintendent has brought to Everett have been claims of racism fueled by Resnek and Philbin’s lies – again, burning down the city to rule over the ashes.

  But what she and her minions haven’t noticed is that Everett is one of the most diverse cities in the country – where students of all colors and nationalities go on to college and beyond – because they came from Everett’s school system, which worked for the students, not for the superintendent and her out-of-town lackeys. Look around. Why are so many families – people of color – been coming from Boston and beyond to Everett for decades? But that’s not what this superintendent cares about. It’s all about her career and where she goes from here after her photo op with the bullhorn at City Hall. How much does she care about Everett students? She let the students walk out of class and march to City Hall from Glendale Square holding signs demanding that all the councillors and mayor resign – based on what? A city councillor who had already resigned over hateful emails and texts – some of which were shared by their favorite City Clerk, Sergio Cornelio, the former city councillor’s best friend. Nothing to see here, folks.

  And the security cameras in the administration’s Vine Street office that she claimed were meant for her – which she used to make a claim for a federal probe by citing racism, discrimination and retaliation to the U.S. Attorney’s office – the claim has gone nowhere – except in the pages of the lyin’ Leader Herald. Nothing but “BS,” as Resnek answered under oath to the attorney in his many depositions, describing all his stories. The cameras in her office were set up many years ago to catch someone using the computer without permission – and were disconnected the day after they were set up – many years ago. It’s all on record, as the supt. knows. But why would the truth ever get in the way of the mission? It’s all about their goal: Destroy the mayor and take over Everett.

  What a group!

  But like the pathetic three-ring circus that is Philbin, Resnek and Tahiliani, it’s only a matter of time before they fade away – like a bad cold. Thank God the truth is the cure.

  They’re not fooling anyone.

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