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Tammaro Golf League celebrates 25th Anniversary

Golf Anniversary

  The Tammaro Golf League – comprised of 24 neighborhood friends who grew up in Everett – is celebrating its 25thanniversary this summer. Although some members have moved to other cities, when bonding on Cedar Glen Golf Course, in Saugus, it feels like home.

  “It’s absolutely great; because to me, it’s part of keeping my childhood,” exclaimed Phil Mastrocola, about the milestone. “I never thought we would continue this long; and this is the way we kept together.”

  The men – 40s-79 years of age – look forward to gathering every Thursday during the summer months. While competitive on the green, they return to supportive buddies when the games are finished: lingering in the parking lot over cigars before parting ways, or sharing drinks and dinner at a restaurant a couple times a month.

  “We’ve been friends since childhood,” said Mastrocola, whose nickname is “Guido.” “Everybody was within two or three streets of each other.”

  Founded in 1997 by Ricky Tammaro, the league has five of its original members, with a list of 20 golfers eager to join the exclusive group when a spot opens. Before the league was formed, the friends played on a softball team.

  As the season concludes, the league is preparing for a playoff at the end of August. The top eight golfers will compete in a championship with a $300 prize for the winner.

  “I’m glad the guys are still having fun,” said Mastrocola.

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