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To alter the existing single family residential house into a two (2) Family residential house

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To Whom It May Concern:

This notice is to inform you that, the matter referenced below, originally scheduled to be heard on November 21, 2022, will instead be heard at a Special Meeting on November 28, 2022 at
6: 00 P.M, Everett City Hall, 3rd Floor in the George Keverian Hearing Room. All interested parties may attend and opinions will be heard regarding the following petition. The matter will be called at the Board’s November 21, 2022 meeting solely for the purposed of immediately continuing the matter to November 28, 2022. No testimony or evidence will be taken in this matter at the November 21, 2022 meeting.

Whereas a petition has been presented by:

Property Address: 17 Albert Park Map/Lot: A0-05-000047

Person Requesting: Harcharan Singh and Jagtar Singh 17 Albert Park

Everett, MA 02149

Owners Representative: John Mackey
14 Norwood Street

Everett, MA 02149


To alter the existing single family residential house into a two (2) Family residential house

Reason for Denial:

The lot size is too small at 4657 square feet in area, and no parking was indicated on the supplied plot plan.

Permit was denied in accordance with the City of Everett Zoning Ordinance Appendix A as follows:


• The existing lot does not have the required size of 7,000 square feet
• The supplied plot plan does not indicate any proposed parking for the required four (4)

required spaces

Zoning Ordiance:

Section 4 Dwelling Districts b Dimensional Requirements line 2 Lot Area which states: b. Two Family Dwelling——7000 Square Feet

Section 17 Off-street Parking line 2
(A) Off-street parking facilities shall be provided in accordance with the requirements as outlined below. Where the Term “gross square feet” is used, it shall mean the total occupiable floor area measured within the exterior walls of the building. (Original Ord. Of 2-26-1965, 6-29-87)

2. Multifamily dwellings——————————–2 spaces per dwelling unit

MARY GERACE – Chairman
Roberta Suppa – Clerk of the Board of Appeals November 11, 18, 2022

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