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Campaign Underway to Repeal New Law Allowing Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented/Illegal Immigrants

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  A new law (H.4805) that would allow undocumented/illegal immigrants to apply for a Massachusetts driver’s license is scheduled to start July 1, 2023. Voters will be headed to the polls on Election Day, November 8 so taxpayers, not Beacon Hill, can decide whether to repeal it or keep it.

  I was reminded about this important ballot question on November 8 after reading Beacon Hill Roll Call by Bob Katzen which runs in The Revere Advocate each week. This column is a great way to see just what our legislators up on Beacon Hill are doing in our name.

  The campaign to repeal the new law was steered by Maureen Maloney, whose son, Matt Denice, was killed by a drunk driver who did not have legal status in this country and illegally drove a motor vehicle. During the period that the petition drive was on, voters lined up in droves to sign the repeal voicing their opposition to the new law not even yet in effect.

  Opponents of the repeal campaign reportedly harassed and tried to prevent voters from signing the petition and in some cases forced local police to shut down volunteers from collecting more signatures.

  The other side obviously likes the new law that is coming if the voters don’t stop it on Election Day, November 8. One supporter of the new law, Elizabeth Sweet says, “The [law] keeps people safer by ensuring that all drivers, regardless of immigration status, know and follow the rules of the road, take the same driver’s test and have insurance when they need it.” Still trying to figure out what she means by “have insurance when they need it.” Isn’t the answer, all motor vehicles on the road need to be insured?

  I believe it is up to We the People of Massachusetts to decide if this new law is right for us. I do believe this new law could open the door to non-citizens voting. That is a real concern considering just how badly the RMV has performed of late, right?

  I trust voters will make the correct call in November. While the other side says, “We are disappointed that this unnecessary and divisive repeal question appears to be moving forward, we are more than determined than ever to defend the expansion of permission to apply for a driver’s license.”

  This ballot question is crystal clear who should or shouldn’t be able to apply for a MA driver’s license. Driving a motor vehicle in Massachusetts is not a right but a privilege. I didn’t say this, the Registry of Motor Vehicles states this. I am tired of those sob stories about illegal immigrants afraid to take their children to the doctor’s office for fear of getting caught by the police.

  One final question few want to answer. Does this mean that illegal or undocumented immigrants given driver’s licenses means that there will be no longer be unregistered or uninsured cars on the road? I was born at night but not last night.

  As the grandson of immigrants to this country, I am not anti-immigrant. Never have been. I am all for helping those who come here legally like my grandparents and the grandparents of many who are reading my words right here.

  We will need to find a way to fix our immigration policy because the status quo ain’t working out too well. However, driver’s licenses are not yet a top priority for most of us.

  Vote NO on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants this November 8!

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