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City Council supports resolve to condemn antisemitism

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  The City Council unanimously supported Ward 8 Councillor Jadeane Sica’s resolve to condemn the rising tide of antisemitism taking hold throughout the country. Malden has typically been ahead of other communities and regions in its efforts to promote diversity and demand tolerance for all residents. In her resolve, Sica outlined a series of arguments that focus on the anti-American and anti-Malden aspect of the current wave of antisemitism.

  “WHEREAS, the Jewish American experience is a story of faith, fortitude, and progress and is connected to key tenets of American identity, and generations of Jewish immigrants have come to this Nation fleeing oppression, discrimination, and persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their children; and WHEREAS, Jewish Americans who have created lives in our Nation and in our Malden community for themselves and their families have played indispensable roles in our Nation and City’s civic and community life, have made invaluable contributions to our Nation and City through their leadership and achievements,” she wrote.

  Sica brought her message closer to home by focusing on Malden’s Jewish community. “WHEREAS, the City of Malden historically provided a welcoming home for Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and other European nations who made significant contributions to our urban fabric, from Suffolk Square to Faulkner to the West End and to this day, aspires to be welcoming not only to the Jewish community but to all,” she wrote.

  Other councillors were quick to lend their support to the resolve. “We, as a community, need to stand up and make it clear antisemitism is not welcome here,” said Ward 6 Councillor Steve Winslow.

  Ward 4 Councillor Ryan O’Malley noted the rising trend of political violence and said, “We need to make sure we are protecting everyone in our community.”

  Sica’s resolve called on elected officials, faith leaders and community leaders to use their voices to condemn and combat any and all manifestations of antisemitism, and to condemn and combat any and all denials and distortions of the Holocaust and to promote Holocaust education and antisemitism awareness.

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