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District 5 Congress Race

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To the voters of District 5 Massachusetts,

  On November 8th we need candidates elected that represent the voice of the people and not that of corporations and special interest groups. Caroline Colarusso is one of those voices.

For too long the people that SHOULD be representing us, are more concerned what is in their pocket and not what is in ours! We have a real chance to change that in November. We need candidates that are for secure borders, traditional learning methods in our schools, stiffer sentences for drug dealers, a tougher stance on crime, protection of Christian values and upholding the CONSTITUTION!

  Caroline Colarusso will work for the people and fight for all of these things and more, for the people of this great state. This election is CRITICAL and I hope you will send a message to those that seek to destroy our country and the American family. God Bless.

Tom Copeland

Stoneham, MA

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