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FIRST-GRADER IS FIRST RESPONDER: Quick-thinking Malden first-grader helps rescue fallen teacher

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Guardian ‘Angel’ gets medical assistance for Linden school educator who passed out in class; student and principal honored by superintendent and city


By Steve Freker


MALDEN – He even remembered to take the nurse’s office pass!

The Malden Public Schools and the city of Malden have publicly recognized the quick-thinking exploits of a Linden STEAM Academy first-grader who ran for help when his teacher had a medical emergency. Maximus Angel was sitting in his first-grade class when his teacher, Linden educator Jessica Muolo, passed out and fell to the floor. Fortunately for Muolo, who is pregnant, her own “guardian” Angel – Maximus – did not even think twice.

The seven-year-old Malden first-grader turned local superhero in an instant. As one of an entire group of young students looking on, he sprang into action. He immediately went for help for the stricken Muolo – but not before he grabbed the nurse’s office pass sitting on her desk!

Muolo was able to be revived by school and outside personnel, and all reports are that she and her baby are doing fine.

“All I said was come quick and explained to her what was going on but she came quick. I said our teacher fainted,” Maximus told reporters in an online report.

The Linden school seven-year-old said his actions were something he learned at home. “My dad helped me because he taught me to help others, and if I didn’t then I knew that that could’ve ended worse than it happened,” Maximus said.

Muolo explained how she came to pass out in class on that fateful day recently: “There’s a blood vessel that runs the length of your torso and the way I was sitting was having the baby put pressure on that blood vessel causing me to pass out.”

“I didn’t know what was going on. I just thought I was having like a nausea wave and then I’m sure it was very scary for my students who were paying attention to the lesson while I was teaching it,” she added.

Of Maximus’ quick-thinking action, Muolo said, “I think [Maximus] was very brave. He was calm and collected, it seemed, for the whole time from what I was told. He did everything he was supposed to do in a situation like that – that at six or seven years old, I wouldn’t expect him to have to do.”

At Monday night’s Malden School Committee meeting, Maximus Angel, his parents and younger sister, Lily, attended and the young hero was honored by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy, School Committee Chairperson and Mayor Gary Christenson and the entire school board. Linden STEAM Academy Principal Rafael Garcia was also on hand for Monday’s meeting and presentation. At the meeting, Maximus was presented with an official Certificate of Recognition for his actions from the Malden Public Schools – presented by Supt. Noriega-Murphy – along with an official citation noting his bravery from Mayor Christenson, on behalf of the City of Malden.

Principal Garcia was also presented a Certificate of Recognition for his follow-up actions from the Superintendent.




Text of commendations presented to hero student


City of Malden Citation presented by Mayor Gary Christenson on behalf of the City of Malden to Maximus Angel:

“Maximus Angel— for his quick thinking and courage during a medical emergency at school! In an otherwise ordinary day at the Linden School, when a staff member had a medical emergency, Maximus remained calm and quickly went to the nurse to request help. His actions resulted in immediate contact with a medical team and the staff member being cared for and making a full recovery. The City of Malden is truly grateful for Maximus’ bravery and quick thinking in seeking help. Again, we thank Maximus and commend him for his act of heroism and remind all that bravery knows no age limit as we all have the capacity to make the difference in the lives of others.”


Certificate of Recognition presented by Superintendent Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy on behalf of the Malden Public Schools to Maximus Angel: “For being responsible and taking quick action in an emergency situation to assist someone in need.”


Certificate of Recognition presented by Superintendent Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy on behalf of the Malden Public Schools and Malden School Committee to Linden STEAM Academy Principal Rafael Garcia: “For demonstrating excellent leadership skills reflected upon students’ learning and action in an emergency situation.”


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