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INSIDE INFORMATION: Malden teachers working to overhaul, improve grades 5-8 report card protocol

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Malden Reads introduces newest ‘One City, One Book’ choice for 2023 to School Committee: ‘They Called Us Enemy’

  A group of Malden Public Schools middle school educators from grades 5-8 have organized a study of the existing report card protocols for those grades.

  Their intention is to come up with a proposal that would most likely overhaul the existing report card system, one that has not been changed for close to two decades.

  They are close to completion of a formal plan, which will then be presented to the Malden School Committee for final approval. It is expected the plan will be presented, considered, then potentially approved before the end of this school year in June.

  Many of the educators are from the Beebe School, though there are also others from across the Malden Public School (MPS) district,

  The work has been going on for most of the school year and an update was provided as a recent School Committee.

  The process and work under way has the support of the MPS central administration and the presentation received words of support of several School Committee members.

  The intention of the educators working on this issue is to come up with a new proposal that would give a more efficient and accurate report to parents on the academic progress of their student.


Malden Reads introduces their new ‘One City, One Book’ choice for 2023 ‘They Called Us Enemy’

  A group from Malden Reads made their annual presentation of their “One City, One Book” choice for 2023 at the April 3 School Committee meeting.

  This year’s choice is, “They Called Us Enemy” by noted author and actor George Takei.

  It is a graphic novel with enhanced comic book form which is a recounting of Takei’s experience with his family in a Japanese-American relocation camp in the United States during World War II.

  Malden Reads representatives Jodie Zalk and Linda Zalk were accompanied by a district intern Isaac Wilde from the Writer’s Den in explaining about the book, companion books and programs associated with the book which are being run across the city.

  They said that free books are being made available to the Malden Public Schools and copies are also available at the Malden Public Library.

  Some of the related programs to be overseen by Malden Reads include: Word on the Water (at the Malden River); Stargazing on Waitts Mount; Storytime During April Vacation at the Malden Public Library; Collaboration with Malden Little League on a Baseball aspect associated with the book and relocation camp experience; and a Citizens Lyceum with high school students and adult.

  School Committee chairperson and Mayor Gary Christenson thanked Malden Reads for its planned collaboration with the Malden Public Schools. Ward Six School Committee member Joseph Gray said he was impressed with the presentation and that he recalled a memory when he was a young student, where he was motivated to write stories about a variety of subjects.

  “I had wonderful experiences and it was nice to be able to recall those memories,” Gray added.


Educators and staff from Early Learning Center ask for attention on staffing concerns

  One Malden Public Schools Early Learning Center (ELC) staff member noted there a million-dollar-plus, new playground and equipment slated to be installed at the school — but lamented “we do not have staff to properly have the students use it.”

  Others told of the rights and needs of the students in the Pre-K program to receive “the best education possible” and how vital academic foundations are needed along with simple, but vital still; skills such as tying shoes, following an adult’s gestures and learning how to focus their eyes on an adult, first for a few seconds, then for minutes at a time.

  In all, over a dozen speakers took advantage of the “public comment” section of the School Committee meeting to address various issues — primarily lower than needed staffing.

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