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~ Letter to the Editor ~ Lissette’s vision for a better Malden is the best way forward

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As a resident of Malden for the past 8 years, I am invested in the vibrant, diverse community that we share. I love that there are so many kind people, interesting businesses, and multicultural organizations in Malden. It’s because of my love for these aspects of our city that I will be voting for Lissette Alvarado for Mayor next month. While I’ve voted for Mayor Christenson in the past, I’m convinced that Lissette’s vision for a better Malden is the best way forward for everyone in this community.

There are many reasons that I am throwing my support behind Lissette and not the current mayor. The most important is her commitment to real, honest communication. I’ve never been a fan of how Mayor Christenson interacts with the citizens of Malden. He is a classic politician; he shows up for handshakes and photo shoots, and then he’s off to the next publicity opportunity. I’ve interacted with him several times, and I’ve never gotten the impression that he really cares about the people in front of him, only what they can do for him. Lissette couldn’t be more different. I’ve spoken to her at length on many different subjects, and I’ve always felt heard and respected. She’s a real person who not only talks about issues she cares about and her vision for a fairer and greener city, but she also listens to and values the experiences and perspectives of others on these issues. She’s earnest in the heartfelt desires she expresses, and she is proud of raising her family here in Malden. Her forthright and communal approach to governing would bring real progress for all the citizens of Malden.

I also really connect with what Lissette stands for. She passionately wants to make our schools better with real support for teachers and librarians. She’s devoted to keeping Malden parks natural and lively, and expanding our green spaces for all of us to enjoy safely. Instead of tokenism support towards our neighborhoods, I know Lissette will do everything she can to keep small businesses thriving, our rents manageable, and our public transit accessible. She cares about the hard labor it takes to make a city like Malden thrive. And, perhaps most importantly, she will be there for everyone in our city through expanded language accessibility, public engagement, and open doors at city hall. Diversity is truly Malden’s strength, and Lissette understands that in a way our current mayor obviously doesn’t when he’s willing to leave the city’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator position open for over a year.

I know that not everyone in Malden will connect with Lissette the way I have. Mayor Christenson is well-known, and many will find that fact comforting. To those folks, I urge you reach out to Lissette. Give her a chance to listen to your concerns, and give yourself a chance to hear her plans for the future. We can all feel that the world is changing more and more every day, and I feel that the best person to lead us into an equitable, environmentally friendly, and transparent future is Lissette Alvarado. I’ll conclude by saying this: if you really want to be heard, there is only one true advocate to vote for in November: Lissette.


Mr. Chris Burgan

Malden, MA

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