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~ Letter to the Editor ~ Why would Gary Christenson choose to be Malden’s Mayor?

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Dear Editor,

This letter is being written in response to Chris Burgan’s letter to the editor printed in a recent issue of the Malden Advocate (cover date: October 6, 2023).

The letter was written in support of Lissette Alvarado’s campaign to be Mayor of Malden.

Burgan describes Mayor Christenson as a “classic politician”, in search of “handshakes and photo shoots” and constantly searching for “the next publicity opportunity”. He goes on to state that he doubts that Mayor Christenson “really cares about the people in front of him”, and that Mayor Christenson only cares about what the people “can do for him”.

Put simply, Chris Burgan’s impression of Mayor Gary Christenson is wrong.

Mayor Christenson has a Juris Doctorate. (That is a fancy way of saying that he has the education to be a lawyer.)

Mayor Christenson has the education and background to live comfortably (in Malden or elsewhere), and could easily be making the same amount of money (realistically more) as a lawyer.

Malden’s Mayor does not need to walk to and from work in Malden Square. He does not need to pick up trash on his way to and from work.

The obvious question is why would Gary Christenson choose to be Malden’s Mayor?

The answer is simple.

Gary gives a damn.

Gary gives a damn about Malden. He gives a damn about his neighbors.

Even when I have disagreed with his decisions, I would never question how much he cares about Malden and the people who live here.

I am not questioning Lissette Alvarado’s integrity, nor her concern and affection for Malden. That is not the point of this letter.

The point of this letter should be obvious.

Gary gives a damn.

(And, if any of Mayor Christenson’s supporters want to use that line, just be sure to use it well.)


Nicholas Forgione


Ward 2-2

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