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“Liam Horkan Update “

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   Let’s give a big round of applause to Malden’s very own Liam Horkan. Young Liam is having a outstanding freshman season playing lacrosse for Connecticut College. He’s the 3rd leading scorer for the Camel’s with 22 goals and 4 assists while shooting 44%. His shots on goal percentage is an outstanding 78%. They played Wesleyan College on Wednesday (April 26) and with a win will earn the right to play #1 in the country, Tufts in Medford, on the following Saturday in the first round of the playoffs. Marty, Liam’s dad, started Malden Youth Lacrosse with former Cemetery Director, Highland Cafe bartender, and renowned raconteur Jimmy Cahill 22 years ago. Liam’s brother Sean, who plays Lacrosse at Belmont Hill, is currently #10 in the country and undefeated.  Good products of Malden Youth Lacrosse. On a side note, Jayden Jean, Malden Firefighter Greg Jean’s son, is the offensive coordinator of Bentley Lacrosse who just beat the #2 in the country, Adelphi. Congratulations guys! Best of luck! On another side note; Jimmy who?! I kid.

It is said in Malden Musings…

  • Such a pleasure meeting longtime Maldonian Kathleen Nylin. Kathy won me over with just a short 10-minute visit – and not only because she loves my column! Her charm, her class, her wonderful personality hit me like a tsunami! Very happy to meet you, Kathy.
  • Helen Nordquist update…since her 2019 induction into the Golden Tornado Club Hall of Fame, Nordie at age 91, has moved into assisted living donating all her Malden memorabilia to the Malden Historical Society.  So, the focus of the Society’s annual meeting on May 2 will be a presentation by Linda Glover on Nordie’s life story which started in the Malden school system. Nine of her school letters will be on display, along with other local items. Here’s hoping there is a full house of Maldonians in attendance to honor this trailblazing woman.
  • Here’s one of those times I’d simply like to write something nice about a special person. Just in case he doesn’t realize how much he is loved. Extra special Malden Musings shout out to a giant of a Maldonian, Johnny Marsinelli. A man I have looked up to (and feared at times) my whole life. A person I now call, friend. When his number got called Marse went off to war (Nam), just like that. Arriving back home to become a very important person in the community. Despite everything he went through during that hellish “conflict” he thrived back home as mentor to generations of youngsters, married well, and became a dedicated and loving father to his son John. I’d like to emphasize, most importantly, he came home to become one of THE best fathers, embracing fatherhood like the heavyweight champ he is. Hey, don’t get me wrong, he ain’t no Ward Cleaver, but he is darn good nonetheless (insert great big smiley face)! Thanks, John, for all that you have contributed, all that you have accomplished, and all that you continue to accomplish.
  • Best of luck in retirement, Malden Fire Chief Bill Sullivan. Bill is a Malden lifer, his family going way back in Malden firefighting history. The Chief joined the M.F.D. in 1987 moving up the ranks to become lieutenant, captain, deputy chief, and eventually (2020) fire chief. That is quite a story, 36 years serving the city he grew up in and the city he loves. Mazel Tov, my friend. I’ll see you around the neighborhood!
  • Nancy Sweet was a “Friend of Malden.” Together with her husband Eddie they owned the sports card, candy, and collectibles shop in Melrose called ‘Sweet’s Stuff.’ Many Maldonians spent many hours chatting up Nancy and Ed as they dispensed words of wisdom along with penny candy to generations of neighborhood children. Nancy was a wonderful and compassionate woman. She will be missed. May your memory be a blessing.
  • Where else but Anthony’s on Canal St; the Paesani Club Annual Polenta Party, May 18th. There will be a “La Mora” contest featuring Sal “The Goldfish Swallower” Barres. I have no idea what that means!
  • Harry Belafonte’s passing just appeared on my news feed. Another sad day for this country. Another real live American/Global hero has left the building. I was blessed to have Harry Belafonte on my turntable for all these years. Actually since 1976 while crate diving at a record store on Irving St in Malden and discovering 1957’s ‘Belafonte Sings of the Caribbean.’ I loved the cover. I loved his swagger! Then his voice captivated me. Then I discovered what an amazing life he led. Thank you, Mr. Belafonte, your good deeds are left for all to admire.
  • Facebook can be annoying, toxic, and wonderful. All in the same scroll! The wonderful took place on Tuesday April 25th as Dave Caiazzo posted pictures and videos of his book reading at the library the night before. Dave is a sweetheart of a man which belied his intensity and competitiveness whenever he took the mound. The picture I liked best was a group photo. In the picture was one of Cai’s besties John “Trixie” Trischitta, Cai, Mayor Christenson, Joe Levine, Jack Harold, and Bobby McCarthy. Joe (1st base) and Jack (3rd base) were teammates together on the Colonels back in their Babe Ruth League days. Trixie was a legend for the Hosmer Chiefs in the Inter City League. Bobby McCarthy was a stud hockey player back in his high school days.  A great group of guys supporting a first-class gentleman with an amazing baseball career and life.
  • Maldonians are still grieving the loss of Karen Anderson. She was such an ingrained member of our community, it’s hard to believe she’s no longer with us. City of Malden Parking Director and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Ron Hogan had this to say about Karen: “Karen was truly one of a kind, and as dedicated a public servant as you will ever find. She cared for Malden and its residents like few others have, and it was an honor to call her not only a coworker, but a friend. Karen, rest in peace my friend. You’ll be missed.”
  • A young woman walks by me at Stop & Splurge. I smiled, but it was not at the young lady. It is at the Floramo’s Restaurant sweatshirt she had on. A sign of the (growing older) times?
  • Separated at birth? City of Malden Animal Control Officer Kevin Alkins as pictured in last week’s Malden Advocate and Telly Savalas aka Kojak?
  • Speaking of Malden Youth Lacrosse, we would be remiss if we did not mention MVCS alumni and the first woman in MYL history to play D1 lacrosse (UMass Lowell), Daniela D’Alleva.

   As Peter Falk’s iconic TV character ‘Columbo’ would say “Just one more thing sir” – I am not sure how this game could possibly have been played with only one basketball. But it was. The ‘Malden Rec All-Stars’ played the ‘Somerville Rec All-Stars’ at the Linden Gym on April 3rd, 1980. Yeah, 43 years ago if you can believe that! I kept score along with Larry “Leezard” Gilbert. The Malden Men’s Recreational Basketball League was one of THE best men’s hoop leagues in the Greater Boston area. Joe Gaffey was the head of the Rec Dept in those days (he was no Joe Levine, but he was very good – insert smiley face). Malden won handily 98-88 and, from what I remember, the game will not go down in hoop history for the defense played that night. Rod “Puggy” Forbes led Malden with 26 points. Puggy was so good he could score 26 in his sleep. Medford’s Tommy Ryser, who played for Henry’s Caterers, scored 24. Tommy, who married 1973 Malden High School star athlete, Patty DiPietro of the Edgeworth DiPietro’s, was another guy that made scoring 20 look easy. Dennis Cakert had 18 points. Dennis was a New Jersey transplant who played D1 ball at St Joe’s. Dennis was a monster on the court. Nobody tougher, nobody smarter, nobody handsomer (just ask him).  Mark Burns had 10 points. Anybody who knows Bunza knows that he earned each one of those buckets. Malden Catholics’ Steve Johnson had 16 points. This Melrose resident was one of the grittiest, most intelligent players to hail from Melrose, ever.  Cliff Cioffi had 2 points. The last time Choff scored only 2 points was most likely in the 3rd grade. Amazingly John Stanasek had 4 points. You read that right, 2 field goals. Stana was one of the best pure shooters to ever play hoops in Malden and his prowess on the gridiron is stuff of legend. Jay Sweeney and Joe Bartoszewicz were no shrinking violets on the court either, yet they could only manage 4 points apiece. Again, it is very – VERY hard to believe that only one ball was used for this game!

Peter is a long-time Malden resident and a regular contributor to the Malden Advocate he can be reached at PeteL39@aol.com for comments, compliments, complaints, or criticisms.

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