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Malden announces Climate Action Plan

Mayor Gary Christenson
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  Mayor Gary Christenson announced recently that Malden will soon begin working on its first Climate Action Plan following an initial grant award of technical assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). The Climate Action Plan will drive the City’s response to climate change and improve sustainability by identifying important steps the City should take to address the climate concerns.

  “This Climate Action Plan will be essential for securing the City’s climate future, reducing our own carbon footprint and preventing the worst impacts of extreme weather on our residents,” said Mayor Christenson. “Climate change poses significant challenges for Malden and require our full commitment as a City. I am proud that the Climate Action Plan will start off with a strong and inclusive community engagement campaign, so that we hear from residents across the City and across language barriers about how they are impacted and what we can do to help. Thank you MAPC for giving us the tools and support to do this work.”

  “As an environmental justice community, this grant for a climate action plan is a huge win for Malden,” said Councillor-at-Large and Chair of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Commission Carey McDonald. “It will build on the good work of the past few years and address the serious impacts of climate change we are already seeing through worsening storms, runoff and flooding, and air quality concerns. We have to do our part to protect our community by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions creating a climate-resilient city.”

  “Rising sea levels, increased storm intensity and shifting our homes and vehicles to run on electricity are enormous challenges each individual Maldonian and family faces to adapt to and moderate climate change,” said Ward 6 Councillor Steve Winslow. “I am delighted that the Mayor and the City’s Clean Energy and Sustainability Committee have secured funding to allow Malden to develop a Climate Action Plan to serve as the road map so we can work together on the bold actions to build a more sustainable future.”

  “MAPC is very excited to support Malden’s efforts to conduct an inclusive community engagement process and develop an equity-centered Climate Action Roadmap, joining the growing number of communities across the region that are accelerating efforts to fight climate change at the local level,” said MAPC Interim Director of Clean Energy Julie Curti. “This project will provide clear, actionable strategies that drive down emissions and build local resilience. We look forward to continuing our work with the City and the Malden community.”

  The Climate Action Plan will begin this fall, with the first phase – heavily focused on community engagement – concluding in the summer of 2023. The City will establish an Advisory Committee for the plan, which will be made up of Malden residents from environmental justice communities and guide the City’s efforts to engage with community members about climate issues. Residents are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and share concerns during the planning process, which will help guide the City’s response to climate concerns.

  More information about the Climate Action Plan, including how to apply to be part of the Advisory Committee and when community meetings will be held, will be posted on the City’s website and social media pages.

Steve Ultrino
Steve Ultrino
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