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Malden High School graduates 409 with the Class of 2023

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By Steve Freker


After 12 years of school, one more day did not seem to be too long to wait to make sure they had the proper sendoff. Planned for Sunday afternoon, but moved to Monday night due to weather, no spirits were dampened at all as the Malden High School Class of 2023 was honored at the 173rd Commencement. Families and friends filled Macdonald Stadium as 409 members of this year’s senior class received their diplomas.

This year’s senior class was one that withstood lots of adversity and challenges, including being freshmen when the once in a 100 years COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and then they spent most of their sophomore year in remote learning. Despite all of this, Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo proudly told those assembled that this year’s class was one of the most successful academically in school history. Many members of the Class of 2023 are graduating with a Grade Point Average of 4.0 or higher (all A’s), while close to 150 have achieved an Honor Roll GPA of 3.0 or better. Over 80% of this year’s class is headed to either a four-year college or university, a two-year community college or a certificate-granting program.

Many Class of 2023 graduates were recipients of financial assistance with their higher learning, the most impressive distinction being the second consecutive year of a $1,000 scholarship being presented by the City of Malden to every Class of 2023 student moving on to higher education. Last year was the first time this had ever been done in city history, and Malden Mayor Gary Christenson triumphantly announced this well-received news at last week’s Senior Scholarship Night held at Malden High. The mayor recalled this generous gesture on behalf of the city once again at Monday’s graduation ceremony.

Close to 100 seniors received a total of $78,000 in scholarships at the recent Senior Awards Night. On Monday, Malden High School Scholarship Inc. awarded 33 recipients of $4,000 scholarships, another new high mark, as announced by Trustee Greg Lucey.

Mayor Christenson delivered greetings from the City of Malden and in doing so noted that he and the Class of 2023 had something in common. “We both started at the same time,” Mayor Christenson told the graduates, “We both came up together, as you started in school the same year that I began serving as Mayor, in 2012.”

Mayor Christenson told the graduates that he and the entire city of Malden had “a great sense of pride in all you have accomplished” and assured them their room for achievement in the future “had no limits.”

Malden Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ligia Noriega-Murphy noted the Class of 2023 had a penchant for positivity. “You really know how to celebrate and today is another great example.”

Supt. Noriega-Murphy said, “I am happy to have met so many of you in the past, and we are very excited to see how you will succeed in the future.”

MHS Principal Chris Mastrangelo spoke of his trademark phrase, said to all students in the morning and afternoon announcements over the PA system: “Do well, be well.”

“Do well. This can be done in so many ways. You do well by being your true self. You do well by letting people see you smile when a smile may be the only thing they need to brighten their day. You do well by offering help, not because you think you need to, but because you know you can actually do it. You do well by showing kindness when kindness is needed,” he said.

“You can be well by recognizing when you need help and surrounding yourself with people that will provide it for you. Be well by understanding that perfection is impossible but better is obtainable,” Mastrangelo added.

“Class of 2023, I want you to shine on the world. Your glow is too bright to be contained to the borders of our great city. Let the world see you. Let it see your greatness, let it see your compassion, and let it see your power. We have kept it a secret for too long. You are ready for the world, I just hope that the world is ready for you,” he added.

Top-ranked student and Class Valedictorian Ryan Li spoke of using the resources and assistance available to students. “Just because we triumphed through the toughest years of our life through an unforgettable endeavor does not mean that we can conquer problems alone,” Li said. “Remember to keep your mind open, and believe that there are others close around you that will come to your aid, no matter if you possess disagreeing opinions. Pushing forward is a very lonely adventure, but finding the right friends that will always support you makes that journey ever nicer.”


Meet the Malden High School Class of 2023

On Monday, June 5, the Malden High School Class of 2023 graduated 409 students at the 173rd MHS Commencement Exercises at Macdonald Stadium. Following are the names of all the graduates of the MHS Class of 2023.

Deena Asad Abdalla

Danya M.M. Abuserya

Allya Adrianna Alexandre

Christopher Emmanuel Alexandre

Alexandra Elizabeth Affaro Reyes

Fatuma Abdi Ali

Joao Vitor Alves

Joshua Amaya Aguilar

Clarah Larissa Ambroise

Yassine Freitas Amraoui

Samuel Antoine

Guiherme Araujo Ferreira

Ashlee Arrue Maldonado

Heaven Shishay Asfeha

Chaimaa Assli

Anthony Parreira Avanzzi

Samuel Ferreira Banhos

Nicholas Oliveira Barion

Vinicius Henrique Batista Da Silva

Jamie Batraville

Brian Rood Mayer Belizaire

Justin Troy Bell

David John Benoit

Giovanna Antoneli Bernardos

Tenzin Yangdon Bhutia

Aldine Bien-Aime

Jaquoy Adams Billingsley

Darius Julian Blaise

Liam Ramsey Bloom

Beer Jose Bonilla Arevalo

Mohamed Yassine Bonfaida

Amine M Boutiour

Basma Braer

Luiza Braun Fernandes

Jonathan Kevin Brill

Jakai Justice Brown

Jermaine Supreme Brown

Olivia Brown

Penelope Rose Buckingham

Andre Garcia Carlo-Liggins

Peyton Avery Carron

Elizabeth Carter

Marielys Castillo

Nikolas James Cataldo

Carolini Cavalcante De Brito

Hilda Del Carmen Chacon

Tiffany Nhi Chau

Cuiyi Chen

Diwen Chen

Edmond Chuck Chen

Jason Yuzheng Chen

Leo Chen

Stanley Chen

Ava Jaymes Conroy

Hector Humberto Contreras Portillo

Evelyn Teresa Cortez

Astrid Nicole Cortez Fuertes

Camila Cortez Fuertes

Caden Costa

Nicholas Costa

Kayo Felipe Costa Dondoni

Makhial Kesler Coulanges-Blaise

Vivienne Grace Crawford

Leyris Mayelis Cuesta Pinales

Mateus Bruno Da Silva

Michelle Dang

Isabella D’Arcangelo

Brenda Dayanna De La Cruz Sulca

Vinicius Tiago De Oliveira

Lourena Ylanna De Souza

Nicholas M. DeFranzo

Julie Liyan Deng

Phillip Wen Dang

Olivia Andre Descillien

Joshua Anthony Anjos Dhana

Sarah Grace Diamond

Sophia Rose Diaz

Alaric Morgan Dickey

Jacqueline Nhu Dinh

Raliya DiPietro

Ghislaine Indiana Dorcent

Joshua Valentim Vidigal Dos Santos

Jianna Therese Downey

Timothy Du

Huguens Zamir Duval

Luslanie Rafaela Duverge

Katelin Dzuong

Wissal El Ghandour

Fadi El-Mejjasy

Johnny Emmanuel

Karl Berthenz Emmanuel

Jeremiah John Espiritu

Jhechel Kacey Dordas Espiritu

Ana Rosa Esquivel Corado

Miri Estevam De Farias Lopez

Ruthma Eugene

Louisana Elodie Exantus

Lauren Castro Faltz

Priscilla Maureen Fannon

Henrique Silva Ferreira

Laura Ataides Ferreira

Joao Inacio Alves Ferreira Neves

Maria Clara Ferreira Silva

Gabriel Nathan Feschaie

Charles M. Fielding

Sophia Fillippo Renno Gabriel

Bryanna Cheyenne Fitzgibbon

David Angel Flores

Jasmine Aracely Flores

Sabrina Edith Flores Palencia

Ariana Yamileth Flores-Sorto

Grace Elizabeth Foley

Vasiliki Maria Fondulis

Leisha Safiyah Fortunat

Tamera Ann Francois

Kiley Hope Fray

Julia Freitas

Nikko Lemuel Furtado-Pena

Frederick James Fusco

Eduardo Gallego

Maria Alexandra Ganoza

Angel Mateo Garcia

Gabriel Garcia

Vidal Rochea Garner

Adrianna Isabel Garza Davila

Kylee Rose Geer

Breeanna Sky Gerald Hamlin

Isaac Joseph Geren

Osiris Germain

Rohan Ghimire

Gabriel Nicolas Gimenez-Martinez

Kayley Elaine Glavin

Lyra Gertrude Lacasse Gold

Ayla De Souza Gomes

Miguel Eduardo Gonzalez

Alexander Qi Goon

Jenna May Griege

Marie Christelle Guillaume

Randy Gaeraldo Guzman Portillo

Meryem Q Hakkaoui

Noelle Antonia Hayes

Sanvalis Antholina Hernandez-Flores

Qui Aura Hinds

An Xuan Ho

Darryn Dinh Ho

Kenny Ha Hoang

Peishan Huang

Shurui Huang

Yujie Huang

Kate Jia Yin Hui

Benjamin Huskic

Anthony Can Huynh

Jonathan Manh Huynh

Isabella Elaine Ivy

Christel Jennifer Jean Baptiste

Jene-Elizabeth Jean-Nestin

Nelson Tse Con Jiang

Wilson Jiang

Kaycee Christine Josefowitch

Jonald Joseph

Noah Stephen Joseph

Nimon Jusufi

Edmund Chi-Hin Kam

Jacob Kaplan

Amandeep Kaur

Brice Kazadi

Jayden Jonas Mukamba Kazadi

Damien Robert Patricio Kelly

Kianna Arnella Kelly

Adam Khaliki

Othman Errachid Khatimi

Shalia Marie King

Maia Ann Kisich

Gabriela Dominika Krupka

Alan Kuan

Vincent Kuang

Larissa Ayumi Kubo Da Silva

Tarik Kurtagic

Zineb Laghzaoui

Malina Tuyet Lam

Andrew Ivan Landaverde Lemus

Takai Gregory Landrum

Johnson Zhuang Chen Lau

Hoang Viet Le

Kelly Le

Jakayla Germai-Frances Leary

Kyle Pham Lee

Siena Jong Lee

Natalie Sin Yan Leung

Steven Ka-Fai Leung

Jason Li

Ryan Li

Peyton Alexis Lightbody

Jiantao Lin

Kevin Lin

Rachel B. Lin

Alyssa Joan Littlejohn

Lena Liu

John Michael Lloyd

Alisson Nicole Lopez Vasquez

Victoria Ashley Loreus

Andrew Yrvain Louis

Rosedalle Louis Douze

Akim Dion Lubin

Oscar Adonis Lucero Medina

Rachel Denise Luciano

Juliana Rose Luong

Brian Kauth Luu

Kenneth Frankln Luu

Joseph Gerard Lydon

Ahmad Moufid Machmouchi

Evan Jaiden Conner Mackley

Jalen Dewayne Macklin

Jill Mariela Mahoney

Katie Mariela Maldonado

Abdellah Mallah

Mandy Mau

Daniel Macedo Marangiello

Samia Faith Marcellin

Emily Rodriquez Martins Marim

Krishany Marius

Bryant Martineau

Emma Ines Martinez

Giselle Martinez

David Lemuel Martins

Nayara Martins Bueno

Sydney Anne Mason

Brandon Michael McMahon

Mario Medeiros

Dylan Meehan

Eric Mei

Jianteng Mei

Jose Rolando Mejoa Guerrero

Timothy James Melton

Raylen Milvoix

Abid Mahir Mohiuddin

Tamika Mondestin

Nathan Daniel Roderick Monks

Judith Elizabeth Montiel

Jadelini Elizabeth Mora

Daniel Alexander Morales

Valency Morantus

Maria Eduarda Moreira De Sousa

Paulo Eduardo Mota Silva

Farah Moumen

Maiselie Fae Murray

Fatima Najjar

Naveen Suri Seshasai Nemamapuri

Tracy Njoki Ng’Ang’A

Evan Hou Ngo

Ann Marie Nguyen

Hung Ding Nguyen

Kevin Gia Nguyen

Mindy Nguyen

Nathan Thai Nguyen

Ngan Kim Nguyen

Quinton Tuan Nguyen

Thao Tina Nguyen

Brandon Patrick Nice

Kiele Nicole Nino De Guzman

Roberta Nhadui Noel

Desiree Sopaulina Nong

Mak Lyn O’Brien

Adam Socrates Oliveira

Luccas Oliveira

Jose Edwards Oliveira Fabiano

Luiz Henrique Oliveira Marin

Christian Osorno Vasquez

Jiahui Ou

Roselin Yuliana Padillas Gonzalez

Zachariah Charles Pan

Skyla Natalie Parlan

Kyle Chase Paulding

Allison Eileen Peguero

Dulce Anelis Pelico Belteton

Rafael De Jesus Da Silva Pereira

Hallen Flavio Pereira Cadete

Felipe Henrique Perera Da Silva Neves

Duy Khuong Pham

Tran Gia Linh Pham

Bethsaida Pierre

Maithsa Pierre

Tatiana Flosemanie Pierre-Rene

Axel Gerardo Pineda Machado

Eduardo Brandao Pinheiro

Michael Poe

Daniela Marsela Portillo

Gianna Dorothy Price

Alejandro Jhosue Ramirez Guevara

Wara Lucia Ramirez Morales

Maritza Delanie Ramos-Perez

Clifford Morgan Raphael

Saura Rathore

Juan Enrique Reyes

Maisa Rinkawetsky Machado

Angeleve Rivera

Hedy Fernando Rivera Zuniga

Christophur Robinson-Mccaskill

Adan Christian Rocha Souza

Erick Felipe Silva Rodriques

Leyla Sophia Rodriquez

Yadira Karina Rodriquez Contreras

Esther Rodriquez Jimenez

Nayell Marisol Rodriquez Landaverde

Carlos Rosado

Demarco Anthony Ross

Eliane Rutsatz

Yasser Sandoui

Alan Hadl Saeo

Hassan Ahmad Sakhta

Nayara Merliz Sanchez-Mejia

Yasmin Gabriella Santiago Vieira

Catherine Muniz Santos

Ariana Santos Cortez

Finn Alcides Sedan

Asmae Warda Sekhri

Winta Semere

Ashley Frances Senatus-Borgella

Natasha Breana Senecharles

Robert M. Sewell

Tenzin Sharchung

Sachyam Shrestha

Luis Henrique Mota Silva

Higor Ruan Silva Ferreira

Renalda Vesta Simon

Renaldine Jose Simon

Jordan Simonelli

Tia Sljuka

Angel Hristov Smilyanov

Jason Long Hui Song

Sofia Ida Sorrento

Juan David Sosa Hernandez

Kailee Kouch Spadafora

Amy Pedro Spalenza

Wesderlinda St Elot

Lielah Ann-Chloe St Fort

Xinting Su

Tifany Nachel Suazo

Haylie Elizabeth Sudant

Ahmad Suileman

Lorena Suzano Fascon Oliveira Cardoso

Jerome Grant Swank

Christian Geovanny Taipe

Yaxuan Tan

Eric Liew Tang

Joanne M. Tang

Sorin Harold Taylor

Thierry Teixeira

Triana Orquidea Tejada Caraballo

Christopher J. Teneriello

Aiden Tham

Devi Thapa

Miskir Gelan Tiku

Anelry Yamiley Tobar Cruz

Deniss Valeria Toro Beltran

Bradley Touissaint

Ethan Vu Tran

Verhim Fawzi Issa Traore

My Thu Trinh

Kiana Abi Tse

Paigon Tsering

Janerin Yazmin Tuy Esquit

Jessica Ung

Marco Binicio Urbina

Trinity Valencia-Garzon

Joel Xander Vargas

Adriana Nicole Velaso

Joelmy Alexander Veras Baez

Joao Victor Vieira Da Silva Bereta

Tiffany Hong Vo

Tran Hong Bao Vo

Shayla Diem-Nhi Vu

Kaoutar Chaibia Damia Wakaf

Angelina Faith Wallace

Sylvie Lorelei Wallis

Christine Wang

Xinyu Wang

Divina Owale Wembi

Kyle Robert Wilson

Mikayla Ashane-Jolene Wilson

Sze Nga Wong

Emmalyn Claire Woods

Taiquan Wu

Ylbin Wu

Rigels Xheka

Ester Xhindi

Allen Xiao

Nyandeng Atem Yak

Jose Garcia Yanes

Yuki Yang

Deboraf Mwinetere Yennah

Filer Demere Yimer

Allison Yu

Zhuo Ying Yuan

Barbara Giselle Zaldana

Msggie Zeng

Nicole Yi Xin Zeng

Haochen Daniel Zhang

Jason Zhang

Henry Zi Zhao

Jianfeng Zhou

Steven Zhu

Zhi Hao Zhu

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