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Malden High School graduates 449 at its 2022 Commencement

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One of top academic classes ever will send over 85% to two- and four-year colleges, universities; below: complete list of 2022 graduates

  The only item on the agenda more perfect than the weather on Sunday was the multitude of smiles and happiness displayed by all in attendance at the commencement exercises for the Malden High School Class of 2022.

  MHS sent 449 graduates into the world as newly minted alumni on Sunday afternoon with this class – like the two before it – having withstood challenges faced by no other groups of students in history. Despite the challenges, the Class of 2022 has much to be proud of, particularly with its academic achievement, as nearly 85% of its members are headed to higher education, including four-year colleges and universities, two-year schools or trade schools.

  Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo related that many of the graduates had achieved high honor status with their grade point averages (GPA) and once again had a high number of participants and achievers in the Advanced Placement (AP) program.

  Many Class of 2022 graduates were recipients of financial assistance with their higher learning, as over 100 members received a total of $118,000 in scholarships at the recent Senior Awards Night. On Sunday, the Malden High School Scholarship Corporation awarded 33 recipients $4,000 scholarships, a new high mark, as announced by Malden City Clerk Greg Lucey.

  Another highlight of the day’s event was when the Malden High School Choral Arts Society, under the direction of MHS educator Todd Cole, unveiled and sang a brand-new song, “Class of ’22,” which they composed in collaboration with Malden Mayor and School Committee Chairperson Gary Christenson. In a switch from previous years, Mayor Christenson deferred immediately to the presentation of the musical piece in lieu of prepared remarks, with the new song very well-received with much applause. The Malden High School Band, led by Erin Mazza, also performed well at the commencement.

  While the COVID-19 pandemic continues in its third year and has made its mark emphatically in the area of education, all of the speakers at the MHS commencement made it clear they were ready to celebrate the moment and embrace the future, rather than relive the past. Malden High School Principal Chris Mastrangelo relayed that message clearly when addressing the Class of 2022 and the hundreds of family and friends in attendance. “As I gathered my thoughts to put down into words, I found myself drifting in and out of ‘Pre Covid and Post Covid’ thoughts. I was caught on the same carousel that so many of us have been on for the past couple of years. ‘Pre’ and ‘Post,’” Mastrangelo said. “I took these two words that have been used so much and switched the narrative. I replaced Covid with MHS.

  “What is ahead of you now is another chapter in your life that is unknown. Post MHS – you will go in different directions, find new challenges, have self-discoveries, get lost, make new friends and, at times, feel unsafe. It turns out that your Pre and Post MHS are remarkably similar,” Mastrangelo continued. “What is different is…you. You have grown. You have conquered fears and felt incredible joy and deep sadness. You have prepared yourself for whatever comes now.”

  Class Orator Tony Giech highlighted how relationships have become so important in both the Class of 2022’s high school years and particularly amidst the challenges faced in the last four years.

  The top-ranked student in the Class of 2022, Valedictorian Jing Ren, praised her classmates for facing obstacles and encouraged them to continue the “resilience, determination and courage” they continue to show. “While I cannot stand up here and tell you how to succeed, I can stand up here and tell you that you should not let obstacles stop you from doing the very things you want to do,” Ren said. “Me standing up here is evidence that anybody can do anything. Every single one of us had unique trials and tribulations that we had to overcome in order to be here today.”

  “We had the resilience, determination and courage to advance in the face of adversity. With this in mind, I challenge all of you to continuously embrace those tremendous qualities as you start a new chapter in your life,” she added.

  “As much as others have influenced us, our connections also give us the power to influence others, too. Raise your hands – how many of you have had a bad day turn into a good day simply because someone complimented you? Or got you your favorite snack? Or just did something nice for you? I know I have,” said Giech, the third-ranked student in the Class of 2022, who is headed to Northeastern University in the fall. “That power to shape someone is a gift and it is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer.”

  Olivia Chan, the third-ranked student and Class Salutatorian, told her classmates that the most important person in their lives is the one they see when they look in the mirror. “Many of the people I know give themselves a hard time because they think that they could have done better. Our worst critics are often ourselves, and we can’t see all the good qualities that other people notice in us,” Chan said.

  “Reconcile with your past self; forgive your past mistakes… Appreciate your current self; always strive to be better in the future, but do not discount who you are now and what you have achieved,” Chan said. “You are not a singular embarrassing or disappointing action; you are the result of all of your actions, forged from trials of fires and determination of steel.”

Following is a listing of the 449 Malden High School graduates:

Omar Asad Abdulla

Turiana Antoinette Abellard

Subayda Yousef Aden

Yan Christopher Adolphe

Ahmed Jamal Ahmed

Samiba Alakoum

Dayana Elizabeth Alny Gonzalez

Yasmine Ahmad Alayan

Nayalie Alcin

Ayman Yussuf Ali

Bianca Almeids De Mulgalbaes

Karina Alonso

Sarah Eleiris Alves Marques

Yasmine Elizabeth Amraoul

Mackenley Josh Anasthal

Jeremiah Andrews

Joshua Nicholas Angulo Gonzalez

Carlos Eduardo Aragon Aldana

Vanessa Rose Ardui

Syrah Arena

Angela Patricia Arevalo

Preistelle Aristil

Jordan Gabriel Arrusa Pereira

Divora Shishey Asfehu

Rose Darlene Auguste

Jevonte Wyatt Augustin

Micaela Victoria Avellan

Maria Leonor Ayala Cabrera

Omar Ayouch

Mahdi Azegza

Gabriel Victor Dias Barreto

Shawn Daniel Bartholomew

Eliezer Beato

Verlineca Mor’Wanna Bellange

Sarah Rose Benson

Leonardo Bermini Nicolie

Chyanne Saba Betts-Knight

Eyub Gasha Beyene

Tuering Durjee Bhutin

Antonia Germano Bilodeau

Eriken Betincourt Da Silva

Neissa Mihael Blass

Alex Malavensky Buisette

Reem Zeina Bounchra

Ayoub Bouchtout

Matthew Bozzi

Mackenzie Elizabeth Brennan

Gabriella Jean Brown

Liam Richardson Burne

Melissa Tiana Calixte

Lynne Maureen Campbell

Maria Olvieira Candido

Ivana Morais Cardoso

Natalia Carrillo

Alexandria Carter

Lucas Rodrigo Santos Carvalho

Kiley Maribel Castenada

Gilberto Caja Ayala

Alexandra Loretta Celona

Rena Aldina Cosma Centeio

Mariam Chahid

In Neng Chan

Olivia Winnie Chan

Katrina Marie Chang

Kingson Long Chen

Natalie Ying Chen

Sophia Shiu Xin Chen

Nevaeh K’Lani Cherilus

Kam Luu Cheng

Aman Chhetri

Madison Elizabeth Chiesa

Davit Chobanyan

Kalisang Choedon

Eduaord Olivier Jodassin Cine

Tatiana Nikky Clerge

Mario Cocuzzo

Benjamin Santiago Coelho

Stephen Coffin

Shai Filip Zalk Cohen

Mayhuukyuk Levada Conserve

Tatiana Cook

Everton Patrick Cordero Silva

Dillon Giovanni-Angel Correale

Celia De Fatima Correia Aguilar

Jade Christostomo Madrano

Christian Emiliano Crumbley

Kevin Antonio Cruz Mejia

Damien Isaib Cuevas

Lissette Marie Curran

Lucas Cassoni Da Cuhna

Dyllan Miranda Da Silva

Tamiria Da Silva Bazilio

Stephaney Da Silva Mederios

Maria Eduarda Da Silva Pereira

Sthanielly Da Silkva Rabelo

Herlens Dalcius

Ryan Dalencour

HoangTam Nhu Dang

Alexi Lee Dao

Juliana Maria Davidson

Kuique De Andrade-Gome Santos

Thussila Campos De Lima

Andre De Oliveira

Brianna Star De Oliveira

Jeferson De Oliveira Santos

Emily Rachel Oliveira Santos

Hannah Olivia Defreitas

Kayleen Elizabeth Denis

Justin Anthony Desimone

Vinicius Amaral Desouza

Jeremiah Dessources

Ezekiel Elia Dettering

Thsylion Guulartte Dias De Oliveria

Anthony Paul Diaz

Daniel Patrick Disessa

Sanchez D’Liana

Minh Thu Nguc Do

Nam Quoc Doan

Cynthia Tibizay Dominguez

Elizabeth Michele Dominguez

Theresa Joseph Dumond

Olivia Morgan Donahue

Ethan K Dong

Lovenskee Dorismond

Jayson Cabral Dos Reis

Erickah Douyon

Danny Tran Du

Armani Leonardo Dure

Sara Dzuferagic

Emad Emud Mohamed Elfeky

Jana Yehia Elshafey

Erica Escobar

Tomas Escobar

Elizabeth Negussie Eshetu

Redemalina Etienne

Redmina Etienne

Myliena Fulcao Martins

Howard Fan

Priscilla Maureen Fannon

Malachi Clarence Farmer

Johnnathan De Matos Ferraz

Marco Vinicius Ferreira Siqueira De Su

Diouly Feviline

Tsrek Achraf Eghani

Courtney Rose Fitzgerald

Thomas Sean Fitzpatrick

Mateus Cross Flaherty

Jesus Adelberto Flores

Donald Earl Ford

Cody Malcom Foubert

Ester Haldassa Freitas

Junhao Fu

Jose David Galdamez Martinez

Jelani Ashaun Garrett

Regina Garza Ramirez

Riwaj Gautam

Jessica Sharon Gavin

Adam Geray

Daniel Germano

Moreira Martins Gabril Reda Germay

Higor Oliveira Gervasio

Fatima Adbul Ghaffar

Tony Cuong Giech

Mayada Salaheiden Giba

Myrvline Gillies

Noah Allan Gillis

Rafael Gomes Dos Santos

Lianny Luz Gomes

Bezaleel Amado Gonzalez

Brandon Alexander Joshua Greider

Junyi Guan

Gabriella Guardado

Sabrina Gutierrez

Brandon Tyler Gutierrez Tuno

Maleena Haq

Luella Harding

Audul Haseeb

Rauf Abdirisaq Hassan

Micaela Amerie Henry

Ethan Michael Heon

Hana Tesfaye Heyi

David Christian Higeura Milonopoulos

Teyla Nicole Hu

Henry Khanh Hoang

James Warren Holland

TahjahneCharish-Marie Holloway

Vivian Hong

Jianhu Hou

Jiahou Huang

Joie Huang

Samantha Huang

Nicholas Trinity Hunte

Julia Tran Huynh

Zachary Samir Idnibarek-Tenorio

Gabriella Alexis Oluyinka Osuware Ilebode

Maroane Jaayfer

Kurt Joseph Jancsy

Christelle Jean

Freddly Jean

Whitney Ann Gaelle Jean Baptiste

Rose Nerlie Jean Charles

Anjer Jean-Baptiste

Matthew James Jeannetti

Cyril Aleksandr Jeremie

Xandra Shannell Jobson

Demitry Johnson

Aidan Ryan Jordan

Alain Joseph

Kenia France Joseph

Moesha Kaitlyn Joseph

Ronald Oswaldo Juarez

John Brian Keane

Audrey Rose Keating

Cameron Lee Fitzpatrick

Catherine Wambui Kinuthie

Sophia Dahlia Kouhall

Lucas Eduardo Krauss

Alyaun Min Kwong

Myo Thant Kyaw

Dush Ryan Laguerre

Massimiliano Lam

NyendakSangmo Lama

Raynecha Nayamo Larochelle

Sendie Larose

Stephanie Nelly Larrieux

Chelsea Law

Walter Bladimir Lazo Artica

Linda Le

Natalier Le Hardy

Roxane Georvanne Freddy Leon

Heroldson Lerois

Lyden Ajani Lewis

Junjie Li

Lydia Li

Sandra Li

Yauhau Li

Yuan Li

Imani Jasmine Ligon-Chambers

Jacqueline Lin

Vincent Lin

Ina Liu

Christina Louis

Paccini Alexandro Nilbud Louis

Pierreline Louis

Kevi Lu

Jasmine Jabara Luc

Souza Costa Lucas

Gary Luu

Angela Marzelle Luxama

Jennifer Carolina Machado

Zion Esknder Maffe

Maryem Mahhou

Lauren Elizabeth Mallett

Emily Marchet

Kenley Mardy

Timothy Marroquin Cruz

Sauly Alexa Martinez Diaz

Natalia Taylor Matos

Robert Mutzkin

Lillyana Nichole Mayo

David Ellijah Mccollin

Nikolas Kurtis Mcguffie

Christopher Kyle Mcintyre

Moniwue Huang Mei

Jaime Alexander Mejia Musto

Allison Pamela Melendez Araujo

Fatima Horterncia Mendoza

Kevin Ricardo Merino Burgos

Saifca Metayer

Krista Isabel Micalizzi

Saidy Marcela Miranda Ascevedo

Keza Nakabuye Mitala

Sabastian Claude Moise

Adriann Page Monahan-Dasilva

Ashley Mondestin

Nelson Monosiet

Gabriella Monteiro

Kayla Victoria Montina

Naiyjair Rose Morrill

Farah Moumem

Audrey Magdalene Nalule Mukasa

Taba Khuran Munir

Nathan Francisco Murillo

Noah William Nelissien

Patrick John Nelson

Brian Vi Ngan

Brian Nguyen

Cynthia Nguyen

Dang Dai Nguyen

Julia Kim Nguyen

Long Nhat Phung Nguyen

Nhi Le Yen Nguyen

Nicholas Thanh Nguyen

Phu Dang Phan Nguyen

Ronaldo Tran Nguyen

Tivian Quyen Nguyen

Sammi Nie

Guy Nommi

Brendon Ryan Nordstrom

Ryan Rafael O’Connell

Reule Obdeus

Possible Iwinnosa Ojo

Caroline Rose Mainte Oliveira

Sarah Cota Ferreira DeOliveira

Bruna Suelen Oliveira Paiva

Melanie Cristal Olmeda

Jason Ong

Samuel Antonio Ortega

Liam Joseph O’Toole

Sebastien Michael Pack

Sharon Pan

Jiale Pang

Natalie Patterson

Kidus Paulos

Laci Coral Paul-Williams

Ariana Annabella Peguero

Amanda Muniz Pereira Rosario

Kevin Pham

Tran Nhut Num Pham

Jennnifer Kim Phan

Phu Hoang Phan

Van Ron Phan

Vanessa Philistin

Brianna Kellsy Philius

Tumara Philius

Maria Tatyana Phillips

Ketshaly Ariane Philome

Wendy Michael Pierre

Emmanuel Willismith Pierre-Rene

Ciara Marina Amelia Pina

Melanie Brandao Pinheiro

Bruno Vasconcelos Coelho Pires

Neilianis Omeyris Pizarro Rodriguez

James Michael Pizzuto

Jules Wisel Pouokan Nana Kambou

Rode-Nadine Prophete

Ramy Jaber Qranfai

Mohammed Amine Quachryni

Kenton Quang

Steven Alexander Quezada Quijano

Santiago Vladimir Quintanilla Lopez

Rosemary Rai

Carlos Roberta Ramos

Nicolas De Oliveira Ramos

Irina Ramos Malena

Worldy Raphael

Elbert Aister Reis Martins Andrade

Jing Ren

Joshua Messiah Fredly Rene

Daniel De Lima Ribeiro

Alex Ribeiro Da Silva Junior

Aidan Eric Ricker

Matthew Yves Rigaud

Angeleve Auliyah Rivera

Karen Jeannette Rivera

Darrens Roc

Jennifer Marie Silva Rodrigues

Jordan Louis Rodriguez

Keimely Jsrissa Rodriguez

Leslie Alexandra Rodriguez

Oswaldo Yarie Rodriguez

Erick Aaron Rodriguez-Portillo

Lucas Rogerio De Araujo Moscoso

Eliane Miguelina Rua Geronimo

Andrew Rafael Ruiz

Marcos Adrian Ruiz Ramos

Tianna Marie Rumney

Jada Davis Sadler

Jaansher Fitzgerald Saeed

Marly Saint Fleur

Maria Luize Santos

Kayla Leigh Saunders

Maria Angelica Savoca

Sarah Cristina Marinho Schneider

Matthew Scott

Anise Senoya

Molly Marie Sewell

Daria Rivanne Shaw

Luis Silva

Rayane Ashlynn Silva Santos

Joao Guilherme Simoes Pires Gouvea

MAckenzie Jill Smith

Amanda Santos Soares

Samuel Ricardo Solorzano

Lucas Souza Costa

Riley Elizabeth Strano

Yousef Mohammad Youse Sulieman

Sebastian Jimmy Suplice

Kenna Joy Swanson

Yusra Tafraoui

Abby Ly Tang

Ivan Tao

Giovanna Tavares De Almeida

Jayla Marie Texeira

Trae Steve Texeira

Tenzin Ingsel Tekhang

Dashawn Curtis Teleau

Aiden Rusty Thompson

Idriss Touati

Oumaina Touirtou

Jin Lee Tran

Ryan Tsang

Becky Tse

Matilda Cady Turck

Mariana Gabriela Ugarte Vasquez

Andres Valdes Gallego

Vanessa Soriya Van

Calebe Duarte Vargas

Louis Fernando Vasquez

Juan Esteban Ventura

Matheus Henrique Venturi Cardoso

John Thomas Verdone

Vicente Villarroel

Dianne Hill Vincent

Joey Dang Vo

Kimberly Nguyen Vo

Lovelyne Rachelle Voltaire

Zekarias Bezuayehu Walle

Crystal Pei Shang Wang

Emily Wang

Jessica Wsng

J’nye Laree Ward

Sheldon Kristopher Wasajja

Nathan Weng

Gavin Thomas West

Arianna Seymone White

Luke Anthony Wightman

Jacob Williams

Lucas John Williams

Renitsa Shanai Williams

Lenisa Raphaela Princess Wilson

Brandon Eliot Wong

Ho Yin Wong

Jennifer Shu Wong

Nicholas Chi-Hong Wong

Sabrina Yang

Stanley Yang

Maggie Yick

Wilson Yip

Yoji Yonetani

Joyce Yu

Ravanola Melgie Virginia Zamor

Melister Victoria Zegri Padilla

Brian Zeng

Carina Zhao

En Ze Zhao

Xiaolin Zhou

Kellie Crystal Zhu

Luke Michael Zubrzycki

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