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~ Malden Musings ~

Kevin Exilhomme
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“Introducing Kevin Exilhomme”

  The old saying “you have big shoes to fill” could have been created with Kevin Exilhomme in mind. Kevin is the youngest of the four Exilhomme brothers, all excelled on the gridiron, while each being uniquely amazing people.

  Once again, I’ll let Dorothy Levine take the mic: “I have known Kevin since he was a rambunctious toddler. He always had a big personality, never leaving out a slick comment or joke when given the opportunity. There were no shy bones in that body.

  “Kevin loved playing his video games, almost too much, so we had to force him to pick up a basketball. He wasn’t the most gifted young athlete, but his oldest brother Witche once told me ‘Kevin will be the best athlete out of all of us.’ Well, Witche, I think you might just be right!

  “Eventually, a summer a few years back, his athletic genes started to kick in. It hasn’t been an easy road to follow such great athletes as his older brothers, but Kevin is taking it one step at a time. He had a breakout year in football this season, capping it off with three touchdowns at Fenway Park at the Thanksgiving Day game. Kevin has been excelling in the classroom as well, striving towards making Honor Roll this quarter for the first time. He continues to make us proud.

  “Kevin is a tough, resilient kid. I’d love to give credit to his brothers for those quality traits, but the credit needs to go to his two younger sisters, Manicha and Jennifer. His sisters were never easy on him and always held him accountable.

  “All the Exilhommes hold a special place in my heart, but Kevin is the first one I have watched grow up from barely being able to talk, to talking nonstop! It truly takes a village, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Kevin displays so much potential, and I am so excited to see it unfold right by his side. Sky’s the limit!”

  Kevin, like his siblings, is a unique and extraordinary individual. I’ve only known him a short while, but the impression he has made on me is lasting. Twenty questions for Kevin – like James – he hit a walk off game winner:

  1. My full name is…Kevin Exilhomme.
    2. I am currently…a sophomore playing football and basketball at Malden High School.
    3. I am saving up for…a big house in Texas. [I am going to have to have a talk with both Kevin and James! We need you both in Malden, guys!]
    4. My home is in…Malden.
    5. I love people who…love themselves.
    6. Something I say a lot is…“oh my god, bro.”
    7. I consider myself to be…a person of many characters (in a good way).
    8. I need to have…Welch’s Fruit Snacks.
    9. My favorite movie of all time is…’Babysitter.’
    10. My all-time role model is…my older brother Witche! Even though he gets me mad a lot I don’t think I’d be able to survive without him. He’s playing the father figure in my life and raising me to be the best I can be. I like how he goes out of his way to help people and he’s well respected. He’s good karma for me.
    11. I respect people who…do good out of the kindness of their hearts.
  2. The best thing anyone has ever said to me is…“you are going to be something great one day.”
    13. I am happy when…I’m around people I like just spending time together with.
    14. I find (James Hyppolite) funny/hilarious (he just always makes me laugh like every day to be honest).
  3. I am named after…nobody in particular.
    16. Your favorite coach & why…is my wide receiver coach, Coach Jean. He’s taught me a lot since the 7th grade and helped me improve dramatically.
  4. The farthest I’ve ever been from home is…Haiti.
    18. My special talents are…drawing/sketching.
    19. I have (two) pets…a cat and a dog.
    20. I played sports as a youngster at Coytemore Lea Park.

  As Peter Falk’s iconic TV character “Columbo” would say, “Just one more thing, sir” – Director Nelson Miller from Inspectional Services on Ron Shah’s recent retirement:

  “Two weeks back, the I.S.D. had coffee and snacks to celebrate the retirement of Building Inspector, Ron Shah. Ron has been with the City of Malden since 2018 when he decided to escape the City of Peabody, where he worked as a Building Inspector, and join our esteemed ranks here in Malden. Prior to being a Building Official, for almost 40 years Ron ran his own general contracting business. Ron’s knowledge and understanding of construction is second to none.

  “My decision to hire Ron was affirmed on his first day of work, when I caught word that he had offered the mayor a ride in his new city vehicle. That joy quickly turned to panic when I heard the rest of the story, that when the mayor got in the car, Ron was smoking a cigarette….

  “To be fair to Ron, Peabody was too cheap to give him a city vehicle. I like to think that it helped him decide to quit smoking.

  “Ron will be greatly missed by us for a number of reasons, but we are all excited, and a little bit jealous, that he will be spending time in Florida with his family this winter while we are shoveling snow.”

  Postscript 1: My review back in September of the Extreme/Aerosmith extravaganza at Fenway Park struck a chord with many longtime Extreme friends/fans – none more so than with Medford’s very own Susanne Nasson. A longtime “Friend of the Levines” (a fave of my mom’s btw), Susanne has been on the Extreme juggernaut from the very beginning – a long, strange trip that has not quite run its course. She took fingertips to keyboard and penned this lovely message into the electronic social media world we all inhabit. Thank you, Susanne:

  “Sweet Pete giving the boys their due. And I heard all the Boston disc jockeys revving up for this show for weeks without a single mention of the opener. But alas, Rolling Stone trashed Led Zeppelin album after album. The U.S. never gave Queen their just praise. So, Extreme is in good company! I kind of feel special having been ‘in the know’ for the past 40 years. So privileged to have watched a career go from Jaspers in Somerville to stadiums in Japan. Hearing people of all ages, who don’t speak English, singing every word to every song. The word ‘pride’ doesn’t begin to express what I feel in my heart for our dark horse band straight out of Malden and Medford. So – with the exception of our Malden Musings author, the great Peter Levine – I would just like to say to our local press and radio personalities – you missed the ride! And the fun! And the pleasure of hanging out with our amazing Extreme family. We are blessed, and we are still rockin’… even if it’s (sometimes) from a recliner! Love ya, Peter!”

  Postscript 2: There are 677 seniors in the graduating class of ’65 at M.H.S. Johnny Marsinelli is a couple of years away from his tour of duty in ’Nam (thank you sincerely for your service, by the way, John). According to his yearbook profile, “Rock” is an “enthusiastic Brighamite.” For newer Maldonians, in days of yore, the Square was broken up into small, individual tribes: There was Park Street; there was Signor Pizza; there was the Auld-New Lounge; the doo-wop crowd who spent their evenings in the many doorways in the Square honing their craft; the Jack Haney crowd; then there was Brigham’s. Brigham’s, if memory serves, was a hangout for Malden’s young, popular jocks like Marse. John and his wonderful wife, “Saint Maryalice,” still call Malden home and are giving their son, John, the best life he could possibly ask for.

  Postscript 3: Although I had not seen Jack Drane in the flesh for many years, I had always held him near and dear to my heart. Jack was a sweetheart of a man with the proverbial heart of gold. I would look forward to his forever beautiful wife of 52 years(!) – Claire – posting FB pictures of her and Jack from back in the glory days! A fabulously groovy couple, on their journey! Jack owned Jack’s Music on Pleasant Street for over 10 years (currently Baba Supermarket). He held court behind the counter: dispensing words of wisdom, stories of his many rock n roll adventures and stone-cold bargains on his vinyl records. One time, he generously gifted me 10 Johnny Cash albums for $20 – easily worth $100 at the time – something I will never, ever forget. And I will never, ever forget Jack Drane – any time soon. If there’s a rock n roll heaven (which I have no proof exists, but damn, I really hope so), I know Jack is front row, camera in hand, enjoying every single flippin’ minute! Rest peacefully, my friend. More Jack Drane stories in the future.

  Postscript 4: On a Johnny Marsinelli side note…I was honored/privileged to have spent some quality time recently with Marse having a laugh or two – along with a wee snifter or two. This night John was sporting the army issue baseball-type cap that he wore during his (entire) tour of duty in ’Nam – a sacred reminder of that horrid experience. Thank you again, John, for answering the call of duty.

—Peter is a longtime Malden resident and a regular contributor to the Malden Advocate. He can be reached at PeteL39@aol.com for comments, compliments or criticisms.

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