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Malden today, tomorrow and yesterday – Q&A with Steve Winslow

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  He’s the new(ish) Councillor on the block in Ward 6 but a name that you’ve certainly heard before. Former Councillor-at-Large Steve Winslow is now simply called Ward 6 Councillor after his convincing victory in the recent municipal election. How can you not like a guy who name-checks Willie Mays and Rick Barry as role models!? He’s Steve Winslow, and you’re not! Steve, this is your life…

  1. My full name is… Stephen Patrick Winslow, a story in itself. The Winslow family helped establish Plymouth Plantation so 2020 represented the 400th anniversary of my family’s arrival in America on the land of the Wampanoags. My middle name honors my great-grandmother Nora who immigrated as a teen from County Cork Ireland to Boston to work as a maid. She met my great-grandfather in Boston who served as a teamster for horse drawn trolleys that ran in the late 1890s.
  2. I am currently (successfully) running for Ward 6 City Councillor as I serve out my second term as City Councilor-at-Large.
  3. I am saving up for my granddaughter’s education. My parents taught me the value of education and I want to pass that value along.
  4. My home is in Maplewood next to Trafton Park.
  5. I love people who see a need and take action to address it.
  6. Something I say a lot is: “If you offer an idea, you need to own it and take action to make it happen.”
  7. I consider myself to be a Progressive Capitalist. Government and business can work together to improve our lives especially when government officials, business leaders and workers understand what they do best and what others can do better.
  8. I need to have frequent bike rides whether solo or with family and friends all to keep myself healthy and to enjoy the outdoors.
  9. My favorite movie of all time is Field of Dreams. Just loved the journey that the lead character took as far Fenway and ultimately led back to his own family/father in Iowa.
  10. My all-time role model is growing up as an aspiring athlete in the San Francisco Bay Area Willie Mays of the Giants and Rick Barry of the Warriors were my heroes. My political inspiration has been Jerry Brown of California who always impressed me with his creative approach to governing as a progressive.
  11. I respect people who can empathize with other people’s point of view even if they may not agree with them.
  12. The best thing anyone has ever said to me is all the people who expressed their thanks and amazement on my persistence on advocating for the Northern Strand Trail (aka Bike to the Sea Trail)
  13. I am happy when I am biking with my wife Helen and friends and playing with my granddaughter.
  14. I find (My brothers in law who range on the conservative side, glad that we can joke across the political divide) funny/hilarious.
  15. I am named after…see above.
  16. I have two daughters Marie and Erika and three granddaughters, Ashley and Hannah – who both went to Cheverus. Hannah is well known for her teaching at the Wah Lum Kung Fu studio under the guidance of Sifu Mai Du. Our youngest granddaughter Teagan stayed with us much of 2020 to do her virtual schoolwork and visits the Trafton Dog Park frequently.
  17. The furthest I’ve ever been from home is Ecuador, Italy and Denali Park in Alaska. Glad I was able to do all that in the year before COVID. We’ve enjoyed the privilege of traveling but we are very happy when we return home to Malden.
  18. My special talents are versatility and being a team player. I may not get the recognition that a pitching ace or a slugger does. But I always work to make those around me better.
  19. I have zero pets but all the wildlife that enjoy our backyard in Maplewood. We have many squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, blue jays, cardinals and sparrows and have hosted a woodchuck and an owl.
  20. I played sports as a youngster at…my local schoolyard in California where we would play baseball until dark or when the sprinklers came on.

  “Throwback Thursday on Friday Redux – Ghosts of Malden’s Past – here we get “just the facts” from guitarist/singer/founder of the Malden punk-pop band Boy’s Life, John Surette: “The night before we played with The Jam, we were asked to take them out for a good time. Met Paul and Bruce at the Newton Marriott hotel bar. First rule: no limos. So, we (my brothers David and Stephen) took our own cars. Paul (Weller) and I hit it off right away. U2 were playing at The Metro so we figured we would check it out. Upon arriving The Metro refused to let us in because we were playing (at the rival club) The Channel. We ended up at The Underground in Boston. I kept pestering Paul to play a couple of songs. He finally said if I would, he would. So, I assembled a band comprised of myself, Paul, Bruce Foxton, Richie Parsons, Port Charles Quintet (Cam Ackland), and another Maldonian Dennis McCarthy from the Prime Movers. We did ‘Substitute,’ ‘Heat Wave,’ ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Batman.’ We didn’t know how to end Batman. Bruce put his bass down and said that’s it! I think we did one more song, but I can’t remember…this also was our first show back at The Channel after being banned. I almost forgot, when we stepped off the stage, who was standing up front? Bono and The Edge! Bono asked Paul what was up? Paul responding, ‘just hanging with my mates’ and we walked away.”

  “This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end” – “I was standing in our dining-room thinking of nothing in particular, when a cablegram was put into my hand. It said, ‘Susy was peacefully released today.’”

  “It is one of the mysteries of our nature that a man, all unprepared, can receive a thunder-stroke like that and live”—Mark Twain

  Rest in peace, Richie (Cremone), Dom (Patania), Vinnie (Straccia).

  Postscript 1: I’ve been a little under the weather recently but will continue to plug away at these articles as long as you are out there reading. Let me know that you’re still reading. Thank you.

  Postscript 2: more on Richie and Vinnie when I get better.

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