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Resident takes exception to councillor’s obligations to his position

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Dear Editor,

  My name is Kevin Larson and I am a 60-year homeowner and taxpayer of Malden. The reason for this letter to the editor is in response to Councillor at-Large/Malden City Council President Craig Spadafora’s letter in regards to Councillor Ryan O’Malley not fulfilling his obligation as city councillor and chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Committee.

  Councillor O’Malley, as you are aware, there are strict rules governing meetings in the state of Mass. and the city of Malden. Taking a chairperson position, i.e., our beautiful parks and recreation, is an extremely important chairmanship. Our parks are some of the beautiful jewels of the city of Malden.

  Obviously reading the Op-Ed by Council President Spadafora, you never took this appointment seriously. Also, he stated that you blatantly ignored the city of Malden’s Open Meeting rules. Also, wasting city of Malden legal fees an openly violating the rules of the city council is absolutely DISGRACEFUL as a sitting city councillor. As I remind you Councillor O’Malley, you represent the citizens of our beloved city – not your personal agenda!

  Also, you owe the taxpayers an apology for your blatant disregard of the City of Malden Open Meeting Laws, and not fulfilling your obligation as Parks and Recreation chairperson.

  As a taxpayer, I formally request the city of Malden Human Resources Director look into this to see if any laws were violated and to recoup any monies paid during this incident.


Kevin Larson

Bowman St.


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