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Semiprofessional Malden Merchants and Augustine A’s share fond memories and play ball for one last time before mound morphs

Up To Bat-2
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  Approximately 28 teammates of the Malden Merchants and the Augustine As, both semiprofessional inter-city baseball leagues, shared sentimental memories of over the last 53 years and played ball at Devir Park on Sunday. Sunday was the last time the teammates will play on the mound, because a block grant will result in a Devir Park transformation to a softball, lacrosse and soccer national turf field in the coming years. Many of the players had helped the Malden teams to win the championships in the 1970s, and they played for minor and major leagues, including as a Boston Red Sox farmhand, Suffolk University catcher and St. Louis Cardinal’s farmhand. The Malden Merchants were the original team that won the championship in 1972 then became the Augustine A’s that won seven other championships.

  Pisa Pizza and Pearl Street Station Restaurant donated approximately 25 pizzas.
God Bless America-2
Brian McAuley, who sang “God Bless America,” with his dad, Kevin Larson; McAuley attends Perkins School for the Blind.
Malden Merchants outfielder/1972 manager Steven Ring, who played for the Detroit Tigers, said they played baseball for the love of the game back then, not just as a hobby.
Player Manager-2
Player manager Joseph DiSarcina, who was a shortstop for the San Diego Padres, said the A’s was more than just baseball.
David Caiazzo thanked Pisa Pizza and Pearl Street Station Restaurant for donating approximately 25 pizzas.
Former City Councillor Robert McCarthy, who is also a local attorney, shared memories of watching the team play.
Event organizer Kevin Larson thanked the City of Malden for dedicating a portion of the park (the Edward Larson Memorial Field) in memory of his brother, Edward, who was the general manager of the A’s.
Malden High School Hall of Fame 1983 inductee David Caiazzo, who holds the record for the most championships with the Merchants and Augustine A’s – with eight championships as pitcher – was thrilled to be back on-the-mound.
A glimpse into what a cap looked like back in the day.
Players released balloons in memory of players who had died over the years.
At Bat-2
Teammates at bat, just like old times – pictured from left to right are Boston Bruins announcer Andy Brickley and Kevin Larson.

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